Request a Free Trial to Music Online: New Platform

New features coming soon include:

  • Powerful faceted browsing capabilities: Browse content with “smart facets” that change as you search, allowing you to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.  It’s as if the interface knows what you’re asking.
  • A new waveform audio player and a video player and toolbar that let you bookmark your place in a video, choose between multiple layouts, and bit-rate streaming that automatically adjusts to the highest quality file the user’s bandwidth can support. This is all in addition to the functionality you expect in Alexander Street video: thumbnails, visual table of contents, and clip and playlist creation.
  • Discipline-based landing pages with featured content and editorially-curated playlists.
  • The ability to translate every page and transcript into dozens of languages using Google Translate.
  • Exportable citation tools including MLA, Chicago, and APA formats.
  • A dedicated smart phone app, in addition to the “send to mobile”.
  • Outbound discovery:  Alexander Street content will link to select Internet archives, greatly expanding the content available and making it all cross-searchable at no extra charge.
  •  Dedicated Learning Object apps that let you:
    • Develop online quizzes.
    • Create digital study guides.
    • Build timelines.



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