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Milly Morison

Milly Morison joined Alexander Street Press in 2014 in the role of sales executive for Australia and New Zealand. Milly graduated from Australia’s University of New South Wales in 2011 with first class honors in English and a double degree in art theory and arts. During her undergraduate studies she curated art spaces across Sydney before expanding her studies and interests into literature, publishing, and education.

Milly started her publishing career at Palgrave Macmillan as campus territory manager in higher education sales for New South Wales and South Australia. She is passionate about increasing access to education to help individuals foster ground-breaking advances as well as smaller but equally heroic changes to the Zeitgeist.

Outside of her professional life Milly volunteers with the Pyjama Foundation as a Pyjama Angel, working with children in foster care to implement the Love of Learning Program. She previously volunteered with Shack Tutoring Foundation working with disadvantaged students. The highlight of her week is spending time with her students and watching them build self-confidence and ability. She also spends far too much time with her cat.