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Occupational Therapy: Physical Modalities Bundle

Effective July 2013, occupational therapy curriculums are required to include physical agent modality education. But academic resources on the subject are notoriously hard to find. Now that physical agent modalities training is both mandatory and scarce, how can an occupational therapist learn the appropriate techniques?

That’s Where We Come In!

Streaming Video Bundle

The Occupational Therapy: Physical Modalities Bundle is an instant-access, streaming video and text database featuring five lecture-based videos and a companion textbook, custom-built to supply students of occupational therapy with the training they need. By gathering this comprehensive training into one online database, the bundle provides students and faculty with an in-depth look into professional treatment options for occupational therapists. Plus, since all our videos are streamed through our world-class interface, you can watch videos anytime, anywhere, on your laptop or mobile device!

Encyclopedic Modality Resource

This compilation of video and text resources provides a thorough framework for therapeutic treatment modalities in the context of occupational therapy. The resources feature seasoned professionals explaining modalities that utilize such physical agents as thermal, acoustic, light, mechanical, and electric energy. The bundle demonstrates the proper application of an encyclopedic range of cutting-edge modalities, including hydrotherapy, hot packs, paraffin, vasopneumatic devices, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, phonophoresis, cryotherapy, and more.