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Stanford Executive Briefing Series

Stanford Executive Briefing Series

Each month, Stanford University invites leading executives to share their experiences and expertise in an elite business forum. This exciting event brings together the brightest minds in the business world today, offering top-level lectures from business professors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and more. Now, for the first time, this wealth of knowledge is available in streaming video format, all in one online database!

Streaming video bundle

The Stanford Executive Briefing Series is an instant-access, streaming video bundle of 70 business lectures by an elect group of executive leaders. By gathering these rare and timeless videos into one online database, the bundle provides business students and faculty with a survey of the most important topics of the contemporary business arena. Plus, since all our videos are streamed through our world-class interface, you can watch videos anytime, anywhere, on your laptop or mobile device!

Encyclopedic range of topics

This compilation of the premiere lectures on business and entrepreneurial topics provides a thorough framework for starting and managing a business. The videos feature CEOs, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and business professors discoursing on the future of commerce, addressing such aspects of business as proactive marketing, competitive branding, pricing strategies, methods for leadership, negotiation techniques, business strategy, and the influence of new technologies. The talks are a brilliant combination of academic and practical, and include such titles as:

  • Happiness Matters: Creating a Culture for Business to Thrive
  • Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works
  • Building a Winning Team
  • The Opportunity and Threat of Disruptive Technology
  • The Power of Persuasion
  • Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

Rare and unique speeches

The lectures in the Thought Leaders Bundle were often one-time engagements, tailored specifically to Stanford University’s Executive Briefing colloquia. Because of this, the videos contain rare and unique speeches that are not available in any other form, whether video or text. Our compilation preserves these memorable talks for academic posterity, allowing librarians and faculty to immediately share these singular teaching events with students of business.

Top business leaders

Featured speakers are comprised of the most powerful and influential voices in the study of modern business, including:

  • Clayton M. Christensen, Professor at Harvard Business School, Author of The Innovator’s Dilemma
  • Jack Zenger, Author, Speaker, CEO of Zenger Folkman, a consulting firm specializing in leadership development
  • Steve Young, Managing Director of Huntsman Gay Global Capital, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback
  • Tony Hsieh, Internet Entrepreneur, CEO of Zappos
  • Linda A. Hill, Professor at Harvard Business School, Co-author of Being the Boss and Collective Genius
  • David Aaker, Vice Chairman of the Prophet consulting firm, Professor Emeritus at University of California, Berkley
  • Douglas Conant, former CEO of the Campbell Soup Company
  • Colleen Barrett, President Emerita of Southwest Airlines

Top of the line interface

We developed our flagship interface with comprehensive input from professors and librarians, allowing us to tailor it directly to the needs of the academic community. It includes numerous features that facilitate teaching and research, such as:

  • Mobile Access: The interface is 100% mobile-friendly, allowing students and faculty to access videos instantly, on or off campus, from their personal laptops, smartphones, or tablets.
  • Intuitive Search Function: All our videos are thoroughly indexed to make searching a breeze, offering 15 combinable search fields, such as producer, series, country of origin, publication date, and more.
  • Easy-to-Use Playlists: Users can create and annotate video clips and playlists with the click of a button, and can share and embed them in third-party sites with ease.
  • Citation Tools: Our instant citation exporter empowers scholars to keep track of bibliographic data and share new research discoveries.

Product information

The Stanford Executive Briefing Series is available to academic, public, and school libraries worldwide via subscription. No special setup or software is required—all you need is an Internet browser.