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Human Resource Management Online

Human Resource Management Online is an educational database that brings together for the first time online a mix of the top applied content for HR academic programs. Curated by business experts, it carefully aligns with the syllabi of today’s human resource courses. Collectively, it includes a mix of more than 4,000 expert-selected primary source documents, including corporate training videos, instructional films, case studies, text book chapters, research reports, sample business documents, and self-assessments.

Best-known business content

Included materials are from the best-known names in human resource management and business education, including the Society of Human Resource Management, The Kellogg School of Management, and Seven Dimensions, and much of the content has never before been available to those without a society membership. Materials are among the newest available, with the majority published 2009 or later, ensuring users have access to the documents that best support today’s rapidly changing human resource environment.

Materials are built around a representative syllabus and carefully arranged to provide a clear learning path through key topics. Focal areas in Human Resource Management Online include:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Employee rights and relations
  • Equal opportunity
  • Ethical, legal, and social considerations
  • Global human resource management
  • Health, safety, and security
  • Job analysis and design
  • Organizational planning and strategy
  • Organizational review
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment, selection, and placement
  • Separation and retention
  • Training and development
  • Unions and collective bargaining

Historically, the important resources in the collection have only been available to students on an individual purchase basis. By blending the best content in the field in one centralized, easy-to-use database, students and faculty receive instant access to thousands of diverse resources without the out-of-pocket costs or acquisition hassles of gathering one-off materials.

Teaching power

Human Resource Management Online is available on Alexander Street's cutting-edge online interface, and provides an array of features to enhance teaching and learning.

  • The collection is indexed to meet the specific search needs of business faculty and students.
  • Unlike physical DVDs, online streaming makes it easy to queue up video for in-class or assigned watching, and allows unlimited simultaneous viewers on-campus or off.
  • Clip-making tools, personalized playlists, and annotations let you integrate content straight into your syllabus or LMS.
  • Synchronized, searchable, scrolling transcripts run alongside each video, enhancing navigation and access.
  • View a full overview of all of the features on the Human Resource Management Online interface here.

Publication details

Human Resource Management Online is available to academic, public, and school libraries worldwide via subscription or outright purchase of perpetual rights. No special setup or software is required—all you need is an Internet browser.