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Feature Film & Cinema Studies

Feature Film & Cinema Studies

Feature film is among the most studied video content in existence. So it's no surprise that the social and cultural impact of film on society is now a major area of study. Explore premium films from every era and from across the globe with Alexander Street's feature film collections. Laugh silently with Charlie Chaplin, see the newest releases from Pragda, read critical assessments of Citizen Kane, and delve into societal subcultures with Gus Van Sant.

Alexander Street film databases are perfect for patrons interested in:

  • The social and cultural impact of film
  • Information on the history of film globally, allowing for comparative study
  • Thought-provoking resources on the relationship between world events and film
  • Critical analysis of the world’s top filmmakers and their body of work

This unique content supports university and college level courses not only in Film Studies, but Language and Literature, Communications/Media, World History, English, Sociology, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Anthropology, and Psychology.

In addition, because feature film is also streamed for entertainment purposes, public libraries will experience high usage of this content.

One third of Alexander Street’s feature film content is available nowhere else.

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