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Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period

Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period

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Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period corrects a glaring omission in the literary history of the British Isles—and of Romanticism generally. Comprising more than eighty volumes of poetry by Irish women writing between 1768 and 1842, the collection enables researchers to delve more deeply than ever into this significant, but largely underappreciated, body of work.

Most of the texts in the collection exist in print in fewer than five libraries in the world, often locked away within archives. For nearly two centuries, the distinctive voices of such poets as Henrietta Battier, I. S. Anna Liddiard, Adelaide O’Keeffe, Elizabeth Ryves, and Melesina Trench have remained practically unheard. Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period allows these women to speak to a new generation of students and scholars.

Along with the poetic texts are biographical and critical essays contributed by the foremost scholars in the field. Specially commissioned by Alexander Street, the essays provide valuable historical context and insightful literary analysis for student and professor alike. For some of the poets, the essays are the only substantial scholarly assessments available. This combination of primary source content and original scholarly commentary—fully indexed and searchable together—makes Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period an authoritative resource for anyone studying the history and literature of Ireland and Great Britain.

Irish Women Poets of The Romantic Period  includes:

  • A critical introduction establishing the context for the poetry.
  • A bibliographical introduction and a general bibliography.
  • The works of approximately 50 poets with associated biographical essays, and a bibliography of the primary works.
  • Criticism, reviews, and links to related Web resources.
  • More than eighty works in full TEI-encoded XML with related indexing.
  • Selected secondary critical essays and reviews by major scholars.
  • MARC records to facilitate access to the material, allowing users to move directly from the OPAC to the texts themselves.
  • Many extremely rare volumes that are held in very few libraries.  Most libraries do not otherwise have access to this material in any form.

Editorial expertise

The collection has been carefully compiled and edited by Stephen Behrendt, the George Holmes Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Nebraska, along with an editorial board of many of the world’s most renowned poetry scholars, including: Isobel Grundy (University of Alberta), Leith Davis (Simon Fraser University), Adriana Craciun (Birkbeck College, London), Julia M. Wright (Dalhousie University), Susan Egenolf (Texas A&M University), Harriet Kramer Linkin (New Mexico State University), Katharine Kittredge (Ithaca College), Michelle O’Connell (University College, Dublin), Laura Dabundo (Kennesaw College), Maureen E. Mulvihill (Princeton Research Forum, NJ), Ann Hawkins (Texas Tech University), Katherine D. Harris (San Jose State University), Claire Knowles (University of Melbourne), Pam Perkins (University of Saskatchewan), Donelle Ruwe (Northern Arizona University), Theresa Adams (Westminster College), Jeffrey Cass (Texas A&M International University), and Kevin Binfield (Murray State University).

Filling a gap

Traditional accounts of British Romanticism have often overlooked Irish writing. Even when writers such as Thomas Moore and Sydney Owenson are counted among the Romantics, they are either relegated to secondary status or assimilated into an undifferentiated "British" literature. With Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period, users gain a fuller appreciation of Irish Romantic poetry and how it relates to what we generally think of as British Romantic literature. As a result, the collection helps scholars develop a richer, more inclusive definition of Romanticism itself.

Publication details

Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period is available on the Web, either through subscription or one-time purchase of perpetual rights. Other Alexander Street titles in Diversity Literature and Postcolonial Studies are available now and cross-searchable in Alexander Street Literature.


Invaluable for collections supporting strong programs in Romanticism or women’s studies. Summing Up: Highly recommended.