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The Asia Pacific region is arguably the world’s most diverse: rich in history, contrast and culture, yet forward-thinking and fast-moving in its contributions to the academic community. At Alexander Street we are committed to making the previously silent voices of the region heard, and to support libraries and institutions in their research requirements from both a global and local perspective.

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Exclusive new partnerships, including:

Milestone Films 
Over 150 titles have been licensed to Alexander Street for classroom and educational use, most available worldwide. Alexander Street extends Milestone Films’ mission to provide “films to enlighten, educate, entertain, and amaze. Open your eyes, we’ll open your mind.” 

BroadwayHD’s mission is to promote and preserve live theatre, extending the reach of Broadway and Broadway-caliber shows to anyone, anywhere. Founded by Broadway producers Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie ComleyBroadwayHD captures and transports the magic of performance from the stage to your screen. 

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 
ASCD is a global leader in developing and producing innovative content and services to support educational leadership and training for success in the classroom. Adding to Alexander Street’s 19,000+ exclusive titles, the ASCD catalog of video includes a substantive list of demonstration videos, instruction, strategy, and analysis; plus 5,000 to 10,000 pages of facilitator’s guides and full text material.  

And More! 

Anthropological Fieldwork

Addition of Margaret Mead Papers to Anthropological Fieldwork Online

Alexander Street now has an agreement with the Library of Congress to digitize and distribute selections from the Margaret Mead Papers and the South Pacific Ethnographic Archive, including the original fieldwork of the world-renowned anthropologist, Margaret Mead.  
Alexander Street will digitize over 30,000 pages curated from the Margaret Mead Papers, including Mead’s fieldwork from Samoa and Mead and Fortune’s fieldwork from the Admiralty Islands and Manus in Papua New Guinea. The archive will become a key part of Alexander Street’sAnthropological Fieldwork Online collection. 

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Medcom clips are now available in Academic Video Online: 

The majority of the clips are now transcribed and indexed and the remainder will be completed this year. 

  • 750 Medcom clips in total are now live in Academic Video Online, the majority of which have been transcribed and fully indexed with the remainder to be completed before year end.  

  • 600 of these are Medcom's most popular titles broken into easy to use brief clips that are perfect for using in classrooms and assessments.  

160 of these are the most recent titles so you can be sure to have the highest quality and the most recent training videos available at your fingertips.



Our webinars program is available to help you navigate Alexander Street content and services. All recorded webinars are linked below, or you can browse them on our YouTube channel.

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Have a suggestion or would like a webinar on a particular topic not covered here? Send us an email and we’ll do one especially for you!

New Projects


The pedagogical videos in Social Work Online address the essential concepts students will employ in their everyday work as practitioners. The documentaries offer real, complex, and personal experiences that are best understood through observation—letting students consider how they might address various client issues in the field. In addition to the curated content from various sources, Microtraining Associates, an Alexander Street imprint, has produced a number of original videos to meet the need for social work training videos on essential issues. Supporting text content expands upon the concepts taught across the social work curriculum.



Music Online: Music Periodicals of the 19th Century is a collection of full-text periodicals depicting American musical life from 1838 to the early 1900s through local and international news, reviews, editorials, sheet music, and advertisements. 200,000 pages of material are available for research on the Alexander Street multimedia platform -- the only resource that allows users to cross-search the full text of all articles with videos, audio recordings, photographs, scores, and reference texts.



Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volume V, The Symptom Media Collection

Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volume V, The Symptom Media Collection helps students better recognize mental health disorders and provide accurate diagnoses via 400+ streaming mental health videos aligned to DSM-5®/ICD-10 content. Use Volume V for counseling, psychology, social work, medical, nursing, psychiatry, and other behavioral health care courses. Volume V covers multiple disorders within a particular theme.


In 2017, the acclaimed Twentieth Century Religious Thought Library expands to include Volume III: Judaism. The new volume is a gathering of 100,000 pages of the most important works and primary sources for the study of Judaism, including voices from regions around the world. This collection will contain a curated selection of unpublished primary sources, coupled with key in-copyright or difficult-to-find texts and authors, targeting the specific needs of scholars and students of Judaism and other religions.

Ethnographic Sound Archives Online brings together previously unpublished historic audio recordings and their supporting field materials, opening new paths for the study of music in its cultural context. The collection brings together 2,000 hours of audio recordings from field expeditions around the world, particularly from the 1960s through the 1980s—the dawn of ethnomusicology as a codified discipline.

Performance Design Archive Online

Featuring 100,000 pages of primary and secondary resources, including sketches, photographs, technical drawings, monographs, articles, and dissertations, Performance Design Archive Online is the first comprehensive, international collection that covers all aspects of theater production design, from the

17th century through to the present day. With this resource theatre students and researchers can now truly see “behind the scenes” of the world’s greatest dramatic performances.


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