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Subscription Content Removal List

For Subscriptions Only. This Does Not Affect Perpetually Purchased Content.

Alexander Street provides new content to our subscription products on a regular basis. The growth is ongoing and results from specific efforts to bring you current, high-quality video and other multi-format content.

Some highlights of recent new updates include: 

  • Academic Video Online and Demand-Driven Acquisition have been updated to include 3,900 titles from publishers such as Annenberg Learner, Shortcuts TV, Marquee Arts, Oscilloscope Pictures, PBS, Bloomberg, Royal Anthropological Institute, and many others
  • Music and Dance Online has grown its audio content with 447 albums and 7,500 tracks, and its scores content with 364 titles and 21,000 pages
  • Performance Design Archive has been enhanced with 46 new Taylor & Francis titles 
  • The Global Issues Library was enhanced with content that includes: 
    • Border and migration-related primary sources from the University of London and the National Archives in the UK 
    • Content updates on Cuba and the US-Mexico Border
    • Human rights titles from Cambridge University Press and Routledge
    • Documents related to the U.S. EPA and DDT hearing of the 1970s
    • Environmental issues- related content from Cornell University Press, Oxford University Press, Malaysia University Press, California University Press, and Princeton University Press

While we continually add content into our collections, due to the nature of subscription products and changing requests from our publishing partners, we periodically remove titles from our subscriptions. To minimize access interruptions to users, we try to limit these removals to two times per year.  

These changes do not impact customers who have purchased perpetual rights. If you have purchased perpetual rights to any of these titles, you can ignore this notice, as perpetual rights holders are not affected.

On January 17, 2019, we will remove a limited amount of content from the following subscription products: 

  • Academic Video Online: Premium
  • Academic Video Online: Eastern Edition
  • Asian Film Online: Volume II
  • Australasian Video Online
  • Ethnographic Video Online, Volume III: Indigenous Voices
  • The Digital Karl Barth Library
  • Black Women Writers
  • Dance Online: Dance in Video, Volume I
  • Demand Driven Acquisition
  • The Docuseek2 Complete Collection; Docuseek2 Essentials Collection; Docuseek2 International Collection; The Docuseek2 Complete Collection: Second Edition
  • Filmakers Library Online: Volume III
  • Filmakers Library Online: Second Edition
  • LGBT Studies in Video
  • Health and Society in Video
  • Nursing Education in Video*: 2013 Update; 2014 Update; 2015 Update; Second Edition
  • Nursing Assistant Education in Video
  • Public Academic Video Online: Premium
  • South and Southeast Asian Literature in English
  • Sixties: The Primary Documents and Personal Narratives, 1960 to 1974

*Nursing Education in Video titles that were removed have been replaced with updated versions.



Be sure to log in to the Admin Portal where you can see your usage statistics under the COUNTER tab. This will help you understand the specific titles being used in your subscriptions. 

If you have any questions about the Admin Portal or need login credentials, please contact us here. We would be happy to help you log in and demonstrate how to locate your subscriptions, download customized MARC records for these deletions, and/or review usage statistics. 

If any of these titles are particularly important to your users, you may be able to purchase the titles individually by searching the Alexander Street Store, or by purchasing other collections. 

If you are using our Admin Portal to update your MARC record set, you can expect these changes to be reflected in your customized MARC file from February 1, 2019. Your usual workflow will pick up these changes automatically. We will update our data supply to discovery providers as well. 

Thank you for being a valued Alexander Street customer.