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Alexander Street Drama - Package

Alexander Street Drama brings together thousands of plays from Alexander Street’s six individual full-text drama collections and makes them accessible in a single, specially priced package. Included is all the content in these individual full-text collections: Black DramaAsian American DramaLatino Literature,Twentieth Century North American DramaNorth American Indian Drama, and North American Women's Drama—nearly 6,000 in all.

Approximately 85 percent of the plays in Alexander Street Drama are in copyright—you won’t find them free on the Web. And well more than 40 percent have never been published anywhere else, in any format, so you won’t see these works in print or find them in any library. Our strong relationships with the playright community enable Alexander Street to gain access to these never-before-published works. At last, students and scholars can read and study all the important plays of each writer, even those that have been produced but which have been unavailable for scholarship.

Not Just Words On a Page

Alexander Street Drama also delivers a rich additional database of related ephemera, including posters, playbills, photos, theatre diagrams—an important component of Alexander Street Drama, because drama instruction is not merely the study of words on a page. Many of these items are drawn from the private collections of the playwrights themselves and can be seen nowhere else. Together, the collections that make up Alexander Street Drama give students and scholars the most exciting and complete new tools for study in this area.

Powerful Reference Database

Along with the plays and associated media resources, Alexander Street Drama includes the powerful North American Theatre Online reference tool—the largest theatre reference database ever created. It contains hundreds of thousands of bibliographic records that are unique to this resource—rich information about authors, plays, theatres, productions, production companies, casts, and related topics.

More than 40,000 pages of important reference sources are available in electronic format for the first time, indexed and searchable along with all the other content. O’Dell’s Annals of the New York Stage, the Oxford University Press Companion series, and Greenwood’s American Theatre Companies series are just a few of the many in-copyright sources. North American Theatre Online also links to a world of information at hundreds of the best sites on the Web for drama research, editorially selected by our advisors. The expansive database covers the world of theatre from colonial times to the present.

New Tools for Teaching and Research

Alexander Street’s famous Semantic Indexing and uniquely powerful search capabilities allow users to explore and analyze the plays in ways that are simply impossible in paper form. Sample search queries include:

  • Find 100 scenes on the topic of funerals within 250 plays written by North American Indians.
  • Find scenes set in rural areas on the subject of the Great Depression. Find scenes on the same subject set in urban areas.
  • How do African American playwrights treat the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.? The Vietnam War?
  • How do Latino female characters who are teenagers discuss education?

There is also rich, supplementary material to inform the plays. For example, North American Indian Drama includes a full run of the Native American Playwrights Newsletter, a publication vital to scholarship that exists in only a handful of libraries. In Latino Literature are previously unpublished, live audio recordings of early Chicano theatre companies such as Teatro Espíritu de Aztlán and Teatro Mestizo.

What's In The Package Today?

Subscribers to Alexander Street Drama have access to everything in the following individual collections:



Subscription and Purchase Options

Alexander Street Drama is available by annual subscription, with prices scaled to library budget. If your institution has already purchased perpetual rights to some of the individual collections that make up Alexander Street Drama, the subscription price to Alexander Street Drama is reduced proportionately. A library that owns all of the individual collections pays nothing at all for Alexander Street Drama.

If you are interested in a one-time purchase of perpetual rights of the individual collections, we offer special rates—with our largest discounts to libraries that purchase all of the collections. Please contact us for details.