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Business E-books Online

Business E-books Online

Business E-books Online is an online database that gathers 500 of the best-known textbooks and reference materials in business education in convenient digital format. For the first time, these acclaimed materials—from trusted partners including Kogan Page, Nicholas Brealey, AMACOM, Bridgepoint Education / Thuze, Career Press, SHRM, Berrett-Koehler, Axzo Press, and Tilde University Press—come together, complete with unrestricted access for an unlimited number of users.


Included e-books come from the most recognized names in business education—including David Cooperrider, Edgar Schein, Charles Manz, and Kim Cameron—and the majority of works were published in 2011 or later, so you can rely on their quality and relevance to today’s ever-changing business landscape.

The format of Business E-books Online makes the content business programs rely on even more convenient and accessible to students and faculty. By collating hundreds of full-text resources onto one central interface, Business E-books Online has benefits for everyone:

  • Students are spared the growing costs of acquiring multiple hard-copy books
  • Faculty get unprecedented flexibility to pick and choose the materials and excerpts most relevant to their courses
  • Librarians can review in-depth usage metrics and statistics for every title
  • Unlimited users can access 100,000+ pages of content anytime, anywhere
  • Plus, the collection comes with unrestricted access and liberal usage policies, making it the best way to provide the most users with the greatest range of content, no strings attached.

Teaching power

Business E-books Online is available on Alexander Street’s deluxe online interface, and provides an array of features to enhance teaching and learning.

  • Unlike physical textbooks, online access makes it easy select and share passages for class assignments with unlimited readers on campus or off. Insert entire books, chapters, or clips easily into your course Web site or LMS.
  • Semantic facet browsing with business-specific terms make it easy to pinpoint what you’re searching for.
  • A dedicated business discipline page, curated by expert editors, highlights key access points, new resources, what’s most popular, and discipline-specific tools.

Publication details

Business E-books Online is available to academic, public, and school libraries worldwide via subscription or outright purchase of perpetual rights. No special setup or software is required—all you need is an Internet browser.