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Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video

Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video

Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video is a landmark collection that illustrates the strategies, techniques, and experiences of professionals serving on the front lines of justice and public safety. From law enforcement and corrections personnel, to first responders and victims’ advocates, this compilation of documentaries, training videos, and interviews visually depicts the theoretical principles and practical application of criminal justice and emergency response.

Investigation techniques, parole monitoring, victim counseling, forensic analysis—the study of criminal justice and public safety requires students to put educational theories into practice. There is no better way to make that connection than to see key concepts in action.

This collection offers 500 hours of high quality content essential to the core curriculum. The wide range of topics covered includes international coverage, allowing for a comparative view of criminal justice systems.

Subject areas

  • Criminal law
  • Criminal procedure
  • Law enforcement
  • Courts and adjudication
  • Corrections
  • Juvenile justice
  • Substance abuse/Re-entry
  • Criminology
  • Victimology
  • Violent crime
  • Crime typology
  • Forensics
  • First responders

Access points for research and discovery

Deep indexing allows you to browse by people, themes, and topics and view videos by filmmaker, country of origin, production date, producer, and other features. More than 15 combinable search fields guide you to the exact content you need by letting you cross-search all video transcripts, liner notes, bibliographic data (including producer, series, title, country of origin, publication date, narrator, and production staff), and many other indexed fields, including person discussed and year discussed.

Functionality for scholarship and classroom use

  • Synchronized, searchable transcripts run alongside each video.
  • Permanent URLs let users cite and share video.
  • Rich playlist functionality lets users create, annotate, organize clips and include links to other content.
  • Permissions for in-class, on-campus, and remote-access viewing are all included in the license terms.

Publication details

Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video is an online collection available to academic, public, and school libraries worldwide via annual subscription or one-time purchase of perpetual rights. No special setup or software is required—all you need is an internet browser.