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The Digital Karl Barth Library

The Digital Karl Barth Library

In association with the Theologischer Verlag Zürich (TVZ) and Princeton Theological Seminary, Alexander Street presents The Digital Karl Barth Library. This online collection supports a new generation of research into the works of one of the 20th century’s most influential theologians.


The collection features the entire corpus of Barth’s Gesamtausgabe. Published under the TVZ imprint, this definitive edition of Barth’s works in German currently comprises 42 volumes of theological writings, lectures, letters, sermons, and interviews. As additional print volumes of the Gesamtausgabe become available, they will be added to Alexander Street’s The Digital Karl Barth Library. Also included is Barth’s magnum opus, the 14-volume Kirchliche Dogmatik, both in the original language and with the definitive English translation. Translations of numerous other important works by Barth are also included.  

The combination of comprehensive German-language content and scholarly English translations of major works—all available in a coherent, easy-to-access online collection—make The Digital Karl Barth Library an unparalleled resource for students and scholars studying the life and thought of this modern-day "church father.”

A powerful research tool

Every document in The Digital Karl Barth Library is hand keyed and features metadata tagging specifically designed to meet the research needs of scholars. The same dedication to scholarly research has guided the development of Alexander Street’s search and presentation platform, which enables users to perform highly sophisticated searches and to view, organize, and analyze results with extraordinary speed and precision. For example, researchers can return comprehensive, accurate results in seconds for the following kinds of queries:

  • Find all references to suffering and tribulation in Barth's sermons.
  • In Barth’s exegetical writings, identify words that occur most frequently in close proximity with the keyword λογος (logos).
  • Locate instances where Barth mentions Hitler in his letters.
  • Searching all Barth’s works, find all citations of Romans, chapter one.

Publication details

The Digital Karl Barth Library is available on the Web, either by annual subscription or through a one-time purchase of perpetual rights.


In these volumes, researchers will find an extensive collection of Barth's academic writings, letters, sermons, and lectures...The value of the DKBL's offerings is further augmented by an exceptionally powerful set of search tools that can be used to mine Barth's texts in a wide variety of ways...Highly recommended.

M. J. McInroy, University of Cambridge CHOICE

I'm endlessly impressed by the Protestant texts and the Karl Barth database. The Barth database, in particular, has utterly transformed my research!

Julie, Scholar University of Queensland