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Education in Video Series

Education in Video Series

Every student of education knows that reading about education theory in the abstract is a dramatically different experience than applying that knowledge in the classroom. Effective teaching delivery requires an in-depth understanding of expression, tone, body language, and other skills that can be difficult to glean from textbooks and theory alone.

Education in Video tackles this challenge by providing the first-ever online video series developed specifically for training and developing teachers. This multi-volume collection is growing to contain more than 1,650 hours of video that gives education students a reliable way to observe the intricacies of behavior that define effective teaching styles.

Video content includes demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms. The collection also contains a wealth of ready-to-use teaching tools, including course, study, and discussion guides, assessment checklists, and themed playlists.

The series features hundreds of experienced professionals in a wide variety of settings and circumstances. In-depth and special-topic videos enable both new and experienced teachers to expand their knowledge and link abstract theories to real-world situations. The collection is also global in scope, providing a comprehensive survey of the teaching profession worldwide and granting access a diverse array of learning environments straight to any computer.

Education in Video: Volume I

Education in Video: Volume I contains 1,300 hours of content, and features many of the teaching videos most frequently used in university-level education programs. Select titles include:

  • Cooperative Learning and Culture (Harry K. Wong Publications)
  • Successful Teaching Practices in Action: New Media in the Classroom (Teachers Network)
  • Inclusion, I.E.P. and Special Needs Laws: What Teachers Should Know (Learning Seed)
  • Race in the Classroom: The Multiplicity Of Experience (The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning)
  • Teaching Reading 3-5 Workshop: Classroom Program:  Close Reading for Understanding (Annenberg Learner)

Also included in Volume I is the complete run of Teachers TV. Created by the United Kingdom’s Department of Education in 2008, Teachers TV features more than 3,000 concise instructional videos featuring engaging and practical in-classroom demonstrations and commentary from teachers, administrators and other educational experts. Key topics covered include teaching global issues and citizenship, behavior issues, assessment, administration techniques, social issues, ICT (information and communications technology), and special education.

Education in Video: Volume II

Education in Video: Volume II  features 100+ Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) videos, available exclusively from Alexander Street, that provide your education department with expertise from authorities all over the world and expands its resources in educational leadership and training.  ASCD videos demonstrate research-based teaching techniques, offer instruction and strategy, and provide expert advice to further innovation in your educational programs and improve learning.    

Education in Video: Volume II includes video covering contemporary subjects and emerging teaching approaches. Content expands upon topics covered in Volume I, and places an emphasis on special needs, English as a second language, and the US Common Core standards. Highlights in Volume II include:

  • The Common Core Standards in the Writers Workshop (Kim Gerodomis)
  • Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Reading in the Content Areas (Corwin Press)
  • Moving On (Four Stories of Blindness) (Chip Taylor Communications)
  • Preschooler Observation PLUS! Cognitive Development  (Learning Seed)
  • Preschooler Observation PLUS! Social & Emotional Development (Learning Seed)
  • Stuttering in Children: Speaking of Courage (Chip Taylor Communications)

Teaching power

Education in Video is available on Alexander Street’s online interface, and provides an array of features to enhance teaching and learning.

  • The collection is indexed to meet the specific search needs of education faculty and students. Search and browse by grade level; subject (mathematics, language arts); topic (special education, literacy, multicultural education); and other criteria.
  • Unlike physical DVDs, online streaming makes it easy to queue up video for in-class or assigned watching, and allows unlimited simultaneous viewers on-campus or off.
  • Clip-making tools, personalized playlists, and annotations let you integrate content straight into your syllabus or LMS.
  • Synchronized, searchable, scrolling transcripts run alongside each video, enhancing navigation and access.
  • View a full overview of all of the features on the Education in Video interface here.

Publication details

Education in Video is a multi-volume online collection of streaming video available to libraries via annual subscription or one-time purchase, with pricing scaled to your institution. Volumes are available individually or as a series.


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