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Independent World Cinema: Classic and Contemporary Film

Independent World Cinema: Classic and Contemporary Film

This exclusive collection includes over 300 of the most important films produced from the early 20th century to today. It turns the spotlight on three preeminent independent distributors—Milestone Films, Zeitgeist Films, and Oscilloscope. More than just a cinema studies collection, these films support subjects such as cultural history, psychology, gender studies, anthropology, theatre, African American studies, and more.

Canonical Works

  • Kent McKenzie’s The Exiles—a landmark film on Native American life that was added to the National Film Registry in 2009
  • Marcel Ophüls’s historic documentary The Sorrow and the Pity, which revised our understanding of Nazi-occupied France
  • Samuel Beckett’s only cinematic work, FILM (1964)
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s two banned WWII dramas, Bon Voyage and Aventure Malgache
  • The first animated feature film, Lotte Reiniger’s The Adventures of Prince Achmed
  • Acclaimed documentary NOTFILM by Ross Lipman
  • A seldom-seen production of Waiting For Godot, with Zero Mostel and Burgess Meredith
  • Eighteen films selected by the Library of Congress National Film Registry, including Portrait of Jason

Seldom-seen Award Winners 

  • The Corporation—Sundance® Audience Award winner 
  • Trouble The Water—2008 Academy Award® nominee 
  • Last Train Home—Golden Gate Award® 2010; San Francisco International Film Festival Investigative Documentary Prize 
  • My Country, My Country—2006 Academy Award® nominee 
  • Afghan Star—Sundance People’s Choice Award World Cinema Audience Award for Documentary and Best Director for Documentary Film 
  • The Horse Boy—South By Southwest Audience Award Winner 
  • Sophie Scholl—Academy Award® Nominee, Best Foreign Language Film 
  • Jellyfish—Camera d’Or winner, Cannes Film Festival 
  • Derrida—Golden Gate Award, San Francisco International Film Festival 
  • The Garden—Academy Award® Nominee, Best Documentary 
  • Poison—Sundance Grand Jury Prize, directed by Todd Haynes

Notable Subject Matter 

  • Documentaries by Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry 
  • The cinema of feminist filmmaker Shirley Clarke and African-American director Charles Burnett 
  • The feature film Howl, staring James Franco, covering the Allen Ginsberg obscenity trial 
  • The Draughtsman’s Contract and A Zed and Two Naughts, directed by Peter Greenaway 
  • Wittgenstein, Blue and Caravaggio, directed by Derek Jarman 
  • The Gleaners and I—winner of 15 “Best Documentary” Awards, directed by Agnes Varda 
  • Nowhere in Africa—Academy Award® Winner, Best Foreign Language Film