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The March of Time

The March of Time

From 1935–1967, American theatergoers and television watchers were witness to Time Inc.’s unique and controversial film series, The March of Time®. Now, for the first time, this groundbreaking series is available in online streaming video in a single, cross-searchable collection designed specifically to meet the needs of researchers, teaching faculty, and students. The videos have been restored to their original luster by HBO Archives, allowing viewers to experience these historic films as audiences did in earlier decades.


With its first appearance on American motion picture screens in February 1935, The March of Time®startled journalists, filmmakers, and audiences alike with its controversial topics and unique approach to newsreels. The “issues,” as the newsreels were called, were a blend of confrontational journalism and docudrama, often using actors to stage events that had not been photographed on newsreel cameras. The series began with brief segments in the 1930s and eventually grew in length and scope to television programs of in-depth coverage of a single topic. Though extremely popular worldwide, the series eventually ceded viewers to the popularity of television programming, ending movie theatre presentations in 1951 and airing its last television segment in 1967.


Alexander Street’s presentation of The March of Time® can be cross-searched with American History in Video and World History in Video, letting users find the content together with newsreels from other major film producers worldwide—including Universal, United, and coming soon, French Images du Guerre—allowing users to compare coverage of major historical events.




Functionality for scholarship and classroom use

All Alexander Street online video collections include unique tools for teaching and research.

  • Synchronized, searchable transcripts run alongside each video
  • Visual tables of contents let you quickly scan each video
  • Rich playlist functionality lets users create, annotate, and organize clips and include links to other content
  • Permanent URLs let users cite and share whole videos, playlists, and custom clips
  • An embeddable video player lets libraries and instructors deliver video content to other users on secure Web site pages or via course management systems
  • Permissions for in-class, on-campus, and remote-access viewing are all included in the terms of the subscription

Publication details

The March of Time® is available to academic, public, and school libraries worldwide via annual subscription or one-time purchase. No special setup or software is required—all you need is an Internet browser