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The PBS Video Collection: Second Edition

The PBS Video Collection: Second Edition

The PBS Video Collection: Second Edition assembles hundreds of the most valuable documentary films and series throughout PBS history into one convenient online interface. Available for a limited time, this collection includes an exceptional range of content from one of television’s most trusted networks.

Alexander Street is offering a multiyear subscription option that includes access to 401 PBS titles, selected for their high quality and relevance. Subscribers will have access until the end of 2019 so the sooner you order the more months of access you will receive. But PBS will not receive orders for this collection after December 2016—so don’t delay.

The collection presents a rare opportunity for libraries to offer streaming access to the films and series patrons already know and trust:

  • American Experience
  • American Masters
  • Empires
  • Frontline
  • History Detectives
  • NOVA
  • Odyssey
  • The films of Ken Burns, Michael Wood, and more.

Notable new titles specific to the second edition include:

  • The Dust Bowl
  • Shakespeare Uncovered (six-part series)
  • The Secret Life of the Brain (series)
  • The African Americans (series)
  • JFK—American Experience (four-part series)
  • Art in the Twenty-First Century (five seasons)
  • The Roosevelts—An Intimate History
  • The Manners of Downton Abbey
  • Why Planes Vanish (NOVA)
  • The Central Park Five (Ken Burns)
  • The Trouble with Antibiotics
  • The Taking of Logan Marr & The Caseworker Files
  • The Fidel Castro Tapes
  • The Rise of ISIS
  • American Experience: Silicon Valley
  • Chasing Shackleton
  • The Life of Muhammad
  • League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis
  • Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power
  • Rise of the Black Pharaohs 

Free bonus titles

As a bonus, the collection also grants free access to 158 bonus PBS titles for a limited time only. Available on a rotating basis, these extra titles will be available to all patrons alongside the core collection of 401 titles.

For the duration of each bonus film’s license agreement, viewers will be able to search for, view, clip, and cite the films along with all other Alexander Street content, at no additional cost.

Product details

The PBS Video Collection: Second Edition is available to institutions in North America as a multiyear subscription. Customers have access to the 401 core films through 2019 plus 158 free bonus films—but you must place your order by the December 2016 deadline. Free MARC records are included for all films in the core collection.

Existing PBS Video Collection (first edition) customers

In 2014, Alexander Street launched The PBS Video Collection, the first edition of this series. A customer with a current subscription to the first edition may upgrade to the new second edition through the end date of the existing first-edition subscription. This is a unique opportunity for a first-edition customer to add 266 additional PBS titles that were not available in the first edition. The PBS Video Collection (first edition) is no longer available for new subscriptions. Learn more about this upgrade opportunity.