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Evidence-Based Acquisition Kicks Off In North America

December 6, 2013

Develops Inaugural Agreement with George Mason University


(FAIRFAX, VA) –George Mason University Libraries has become the first in North America to join Alexander Street’s pilot program for evidence-based acquisition (EBA) of video resources.
George Mason University’s participation follows inaugural agreements from The University of Dundee and Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK, The University of New South Wales and The University of Queensland in Australia, and The University of Malaya in Malaysia.
For a full year, authorized users at Mason will have unlimited access to Alexander Street’s complete suite of streaming video content, which includes 28,000 titles, with more than 1,000 added annually. At the end of the access year, library administrators will use Alexander Street's COUNTER-compliant statistics and customer usage reports—including details down to the title level—to select which videos they’d like own in perpetuity. The library is not obligated to purchase the most-viewed titles; it can instead use usage metrics as evidence to inform the decision on what to incorporate into the permanent collection.
"Letting a library hand-curate a collection is tremendously valuable," said Jordan White, senior product manager at Alexander Street Press. "This model gives a library maximum flexibility to select the individual films it needs to support its various programs in a cost-effective way."
David Gibbs, head of collection development and preservation at Mason Libraries, said, “We’re excited to test out this new approach to providing streaming video content. We have purchased several of Alexander Street Press’s subject-based collections over the past several years, and we know they are popular. But this will expand access for our users and allow us to make purchasing decisions based on what they actually watch.”
Evidence-based acquisition options are available to academic, public, and school libraries worldwide. All videos feature Alexander Street’s trademark functionality, including semantic indexing, synchronized transcripts, free MARC records, and more. For more information or to request pricing information, email sales [at] alexanderstreet [dot] com

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