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Become a Content Partner

Alexander Street—Opening Doors to University and Library Audiences Worldwide

Who are we?

Alexander Street Press pairs exclusive content with the latest technology to deliver customizable products and services to libraries and their patrons worldwide. We blend video, audio, and text with cutting-edge online tools to transform the way people research, learn, and teach in virtually every discipline.

We work with the library community to conceptualize and design products that respond to real needs—resources unlike any online database previously available. Our expert staff supply the unique vision and deliver content in a way that fosters meaningful usage.

In addition to curating award-winning online collections, we are also a leader in promoting and selling single-title streams, DVDs, and specially designed micro-collections. But unlike our competitors, we break the traditional publishing mold by incorporating text, audio, video, music, interactive learning tools, and more into one comprehensive service designed with the end-user in mind.

How do our partners benefit from working with us?

In addition to the royalties you’ll receive for licensing us your content, working with us means unparalleled exposure for your content. Today, our resources are available in 3,500+ colleges and universities worldwide, reaching more than 40 million students and 30,000 faculty members. More than 20 sales representatives working exclusively for Alexander Street Press operate in 40 countries to introduce and promote your content to librarians, faculty, and students.

Our secure platform ensures that your content cannot be downloaded, protecting your copyright while allowing online access that furthers learning and teaching.

Interested in beginning your partnership with Alexander Street Press or learning more about the process? Please contact us to start the discussion.

Why do our partners choose to work with us?

We believe three things truly set us apart from our competitors and we’d welcome the opportunity to tell you more about how we can showcase your content for the academic and public library community.

  1. Skilled, targeted curation 
    Our experienced editors work with discipline communities to design and deliver resources that are topic specific. For example, music faculty, students, and scholars can use individual collections to delve deep into areas like jazz or world music, or explore music at a macro-level, cross-searching millions of videos, audio tracks, scores, and reference items for the materials that interest them most. So whether your content is broad or niche, there’s a home for it at Alexander Street Press.
  2. Metadata and indexing 
    Discovery is central to database usage in the library. The easier it is for patrons to find your content, the more they’ll use it. With this in mind, we index each piece of content using Semantic Indexing, our proven system of detailed categorization. Our search terms are carefully chosen with each customer base in mind, yielding the most precise searches possible and enabling new users to discover your content when exploring related subjects.
  3. Product innovation 
    Library acquisition models are evolving. To meet these changing demands, we continually seek ways to innovate our offerings, which means more potential opportunities for sale of your content. In addition to our traditional models, such as video collections and individual DVDs and streams, one of our newest approaches is our evidence-based acquisition model, which lets libraries hand-curate their own collection based on their patrons' usage habits. Ultimately, each change to the library landscape brings with it a new opportunity to share quality content with patrons in a format that benefits both parties.