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Australia / New Zealand

Discover a wide range of text and video resources that meet the emerging needs of those studying in or about the Australasian region. Alexander Street’s databases combine primary and secondary source materials, digitised text, archival and video content from market-leading partners and expert contributors from the region. The content is curated with the guidance of local experts to correspond with regional needs and to provide the best possible resources for education and research.

By offering an integrated suite of content including published works, archives, videos, and more, Alexander Street’s Australasian Studies collections provide a one-stop shop for all users looking for content from or about the Australasian region including public library users, faculty, teachers, researchers and students. Subjects cover a broad range of disciplines with a focus on History, Literature, Culture and Politics, Environmental Studies and Indigenous issues. These collections complement our global collections by offering local insight and resources to support Australasian research and study.


The collections include a wide range of content, providing a local flavor to global studies or directing Australasian users to content from their region.

You'll discover:

  • Exclusive Content: We offer a unique mix of resources, including videos, interviews, documentaries, books, and first person accounts you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve partnered with libraries and publishers in the region to bring you material not available anywhere else and engaged in archival digitization projects to support the preservation of local content.

  • Exceptional Partners: Our content comes from quality partners known for their insights into the region, including ABC, SBS, Spinifex press, individual authors and text and video publishers, anthropologists, archives such as the State Library of Queensland, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, University of Waikato and more. No relationship is too small or too large – it’s all about the value of the content. 

Flexible usage

Enjoy unrestricted access to videos and broad streaming rights to applicable content, including our user-friendly export feature, performance rights, and the right to download printed material to support teaching and learning where appropriate, and to cross search with our other related collections as appropriate.

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