EBA programme arrives at Russell Group | Alexander Street

EBA programme arrives at Russell Group

August 22, 2014

(LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM) – Following the 2013 launch of its evidence-based acquisition (EBA) model, Alexander Street Press has forged an agreement with the University of Liverpool, further underscoring the publisher as a trusted resource for metrics-driven curation of library materials.

Effective immediately, patrons of the University of Liverpool’s library will have unlimited access to Alexander Street Press’s complete suite of academic video titles—more than 35,000 titles—for one full year. At the conclusion of this period, university staff will use Alexander Street’s detailed metrics to evaluate the most-viewed titles and select those they’d like to incorporate into their permanent collection.

“Welcoming Liverpool into our EBA programme demonstrates the growing acceptance of video in the highest levels of the academy,” said Adam Gardner, European General Manager at Alexander Street Press. “Such a reputable organization’s decision to adopt this new video model represents a powerful forward leap in the evolution of modern teaching and research.”

Jane Cooke, Head of Collections, Content and Discovery, University of Liverpool, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to involve our users in developing our digital video collection at their point of need as well as enhancing their learning. In line with the British Library’s content strategy, we recognise that there is an increasing amount of digital content to connect to and that our role is to ensure that our current and future users have the resources in a format they want and can usefully engage with. Ofcom’s Market Communications Report (August 2014) suggests that ‘14-15 year olds are the most technology savvy in the UK.’ In order to keep pace we continually need to review and develop the content we provide and how we provide it, and make the most of every opportunity—such as this one—to improve.”

Andrew Barker, Head of Academic Liaison, Special Collections & Archives, University of Liverpool, remarked: “I’m very conscious that a significant number of our students want us to provide an increasingly varied range of resources. Audio visual material is in particularly high demand with students. In addition to student needs, we also have a responsibility to provide our institution with real value for money. Evidence based solutions therefore allow us to be more targeted in our purchases, something that every university library needs to be. Alexander Street Press’ Evidence Based Acquisition will allow us to access the full EBA collection for a year, and then purchase the titles that are in most demand with our users. That means our purchases will be focused on providing our students and staff with the video material they want in the format that they want. This is a truly innovative initiative, and we are genuinely excited at partnering up with Alexander Street Press on it.”

This agreement follows prior deals made with Dundee University, Leeds Metropolitan University, and other institutions of excellence, and will further pave the way for libraries worldwide to add the most highly sought-after content to their library collections in a precise, cost-effective way. And because all video content within Alexander Street Press’s databases is carefully selected by expert editors, library administrators can rely on the quality and relevance of all materials to the academic populations they serve.


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