New Content Upload - Filmakers Library Online | Alexander Street

New Content Upload - Filmakers Library Online

April 30, 2012

Twenty new videos (19 globally) have been added to Filmakers Library Online are currently available in the collection! Here are some of the highlights from the newly added content:

Notable & Award Winning Films (all available globally):

Westbeth Home of the Arts

This documentary takes a lively look at Westbeth, the first and largest federally funded artists’ colony in the United States, which became home to a generation of artists grateful for cheap rent and a place to live and work.

Awards: Manhattan Film Festival (official selection); New Filmmakers New York (official selection); Riverside International Film Festival

When the Day Comes: Women as Caregivers

Women, traditionally, are expected to cope with family responsibilities and to provide care without financial rewards. While their efforts reduce society's longterm care costs, the caregivers go largely unnoticed and get little help from others. In this documentary we hear from four women who have provided continuous care for a loved one.

Awards: National Council on Aging, 1993; National Women's Studies Association, 1993; Bronze Apple, National Educational Film & Video Association, 1993; National Council on Family Relations, 1991 & International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films, 1991

Modus Operandi: The German Occupation of Belgium

From 1942 to 1944, 24,916 Jewish men, women and children were deported from Belgium to Auschwitz. Only 1,206 survived. This documentary raises and systematically answers the question: how did just a handful of Nazis— with the help, voluntary or unwitting— of the Belgian authorities, bring about their destruction? The film covers the sequence of events and different phases that led to the Final Solution.

Modus Operandi is as much a film on current events as an historical documentary, as it shows so forcefully that once a finger is caught in the gears of stigmatisation and demonisation, the whole body may eventually go through the works.”
                -Fernand Denis, La Libre Belgiqu

Full list of new content can be found at

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