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Alexander Street Develops Open Access Resources in 2016

January 8, 2016

Boston, MA – Alexander Street today announced the development of three freely accessible online resources in video, anthropology, and music.  

Available now, the Video Commons is a media hosting service enabling libraries to upload and make freely available locally-produced video including lectures, interviews, and performances. Libraries can limit access to specific individuals, campuses, and academic institutions, or make content available to the public. The hosting service starts at $1,000 per year and is included free-of-charge to subscribers of Academic Video Online: Premium

The Anthropology Commons will launch in March and is to become the world’s largest, most comprehensive open repository of primary sources in anthropology. To help fund this initiative, Alexander Street is contributing 10% of purchase revenues of its anthropology products towards its development. Archives and academic libraries can participate by contributing content or buying anthropology collections and premium services. The site will launch with 8,000 pages of previously unpublished works by famous anthropologist Ruth Benedict from Vassar College, together with a premium service to upload locally-created materials, as well as a new for-fee collection entitled Anthropological Fieldwork Online

The Open Music Library is a new initiative to build the world’s most comprehensive open network of digital resources for the study of music. It will enable in-depth searching of free and for-fee content curated by an international community of scholars, students, teachers, and librarians. Partnering with major institutions, such as the British, Spanish, Polish, and French national libraries, a beta version will be available in March 2016. 

“The future is open access. As publishers, we must contribute and support the movement by bringing more quality content out into the open. Ruth Benedict’s fieldwork will now be available to anyone with an Internet connection,” said Stephen Rhind-Tutt, president. “Less than two percent of archives have been digitized to date. Initiatives like these are how we as a publisher can have an impact.”

Librarians attending the ALA Midwinter Conference in Boston are encouraged to visit booth #1616 for more information on these new resources. 


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