New Interface Features Offer Increased Discoverability, Free Open Archive Content, and Samples for All Material​ | Alexander Street

New Interface Features Offer Increased Discoverability, Free Open Archive Content, and Samples for All Material​

October 6, 2016

Alexandria, VA – Alexander Street today launched several enhancements to its search interface to increase discoverability and make more content open to users.

First, all of Alexander Street’s content at is now open for search engine discoverability. While video has been discoverable, now full-text, audio, and other formats are also open. When users start with Google, they’ll find more and more Alexander Street resources over time. An authorized user selecting items in Google search results will go right into all the resources a library has acquired.

Second, if a user comes from a non-institutional IP address, easy prompts help the searcher get to the library, simply by entering institutional affiliation—so no authorized user is shut out, even when starting with Google.

Third, Alexander Street has added free material digitized and indexed through its open access (OA) initiatives, starting with the Ruth Benedict Papers from its anthropology OA project. This material is now available to everyone, everywhere—whether or not the user is affiliated with an Alexander Street customer site—and more free (open) content will be added in the future.

Fourth, there’s an option for users to see samples of all content on the interface; a user can optionally engage a “samples on” toggle to uncover previews of all relevant content in the search results. For an item the library doesn’t have, the person can buy the item—and if the individual does buy it, rights will be for the entire institution, with unlimited access for all.

The new features are designed to:

  • Improve discoverability;
  • Bring more authorized users to library resources;
  • Increase usage;
  • Give library-wide access to items that individuals buy directly from Alexander Street;
  • Prevent duplicate buying (so that, for example, a faculty member doesn’t buy something that the library has already acquired);
  • Provide librarians with new data about users’ interests; and
  • Improve learning and research outcomes.

“We’re excited to bring these new features to our users,” said Stephen Rhind-Tutt, the president of Alexander Street. “We’re told over and over that discoverability and usage are key to the best return on investment. We’re certain these enhancements will serve those goals.”

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