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Academic Video Online: Build by Choice Perpetual Rights Program Choose From Over 65,000* Titles

How to Get YourBuild by Choice Perpetual Ownership Benefit

"What timing! I just started working on this yesterday. ...I can make my selections in phases, too, which is ideal. So I’ll be ordering a few that are disappearing today, and then making the rest of my selections in November. I’m really happy that ProQuest started doing it this way!" - Sara Duff, University of Central Florida

What is Build by Choice? 

Your subscription to Academic Video Online includes an automatic annual benefit whereby your library can select individual video titles within the collection for perpetual rights ownership at no additional cost.*  

How does it work? 

The number of titles your library can select for ownership is based upon your current annual subscription cost. You can choose from over 65,000 titles and find those available in this program through your admin portal. These titles have been visible to your users as part of your subscription, and COUNTER usage data is available at the title level to help you choose which titles to keep in perpetuity. 

What does "Perpetual Ownership" really mean? 

By taking advantage of this subscriber benefit, your library will retain access to as well as the rights to the videos you select, even if at some point in the future you choose to no longer subscribe to the overall collection. What you are doing today is securing the rights to keep these titles accessible to your users via your library in perpetuity. 

How often can I select titles for ownership? 

This is an annual benefit – the longer you subscribe, the more titles you keep.

For 12 month subscriptions, you will be eligible to make your selections the year your subscription term ends (for example: if your subscription starts May 2020, you are eligible to make selections in 2021). Selections must be completed by December (exact date varies) of your eligible calendar year. 

Too busy to make your selections? Don’t worry, we can automatically choose your most-used eligible titles when the selection process closes. 

Selecting the videos you want is easy, and there are over 65,000* titles from which you can choose. Here's how to do it: 

Visit (If you don’t have access, contact, they’ll be happy to provide your credentials.)

  1. Click “AVON Build-by-Choice Selection” from the menu in the upper left.


  2. Make your selections.


  1. Checkout and enjoy your newly acquired titles.

Once we receive your title selection form, you will receive an email confirmation that your selections have been set up for perpetual access. 

PLEASE NOTE: Titles that have been purchased with perpetual access through another collection (or as a single title) will already appear as "Purchased" in the Build by Choice portal.  


Need to find your previous orders? When you sign into the admin portal, click on the ORDERS tab and you'll see previous Build by Choice orders.


Accessing Your Usage Statistics 

We now offer COUNTER5 reports, SUSHI-enabled reports, and customized reports you can export by title, subject, and collection. This is the only site to report usage on the new interface. 

Thank you for being an Academic Video Online subscriber!

*Perpetual rights not available on every title. Territory restrictions apply.