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Introducing Alexander Street's Enhanced Video Interface

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Alexander Street/ProQuest just launched our new, easy-to-use video interface. Same extraordinary content. New simplified user design.

With our new, easy-to-use video interface you get: 

  • A Video-Only Focus
  • A New Cinematic Visual Experience
  • Innovative Searching and Recommendation

Summer 2018

New video interface announced.

Explore at your own pace!

July 10, 2019

Redirect complete for all customers



Video-Only Focus: Help your patrons find what they want, when they want it. Your time is valuable. Now optimized for video, our platform does the work for you, and provides institutional recommendation- and browse-driven suggestions in the context of your searches. Fast! 







New Cinematic Visual Experience: Watching made easy and enjoyable. See it to believe it and support your curriculum like never before.



Innovative Searching and Recommendation: Your patrons may not always know what they want. Our intuitive interface helps the user quickly identify content well-suited to his or her area of study. Don’t ask us how, all the magic is behind the scenes. 

Don't worry, you get to keep all the things you like about Alexander Street video, too:

  • https:// functionality to keep you safe and secure
  • LTI integration for single sign on experience with your LMS
  • Easy access to citations for research and presentations
  • Searchable, scrolling transcripts
  • Improved clip-making ability
  • Mobile-first design

Our commitment: We look forward to continually improving on your video experience with Alexander Street/ProQuest. The best is yet to come.

What’s Next? Bookmark this page, and come back often. This will be your hub for what’s happening with the launch and what our next steps are. We welcome you on our journey!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to take any action to use the new interface? 

A: No! We’ll take care of everything!  When we complete the redirect in early July 2019, we will redirect MARC links to our new interface, and discovery layers like Summon and Primo will auto-redirect as well.  Customers should update their LibGuides and links in A-Z lists, whenever convenient, to ensure all points of access are redirecting to the new interface. 


Q: What about my Proxy Stanza? 

A: There's no need to wait! Add your Proxy Stanza now.


Q: Can I get a demo of the new video interface? 

A: Yes! Submit this form and we'll contact you to set up a time. 

Q: I’d like to start my new video subscriptions in the new interface. Can I get access now? 

A: From now until mid-June, dual access on both interfaces will be available to make the transition simple for you and your patrons. Our automatic redirect will occur in early July 2019 to provide a minimal disruption to access. We will redirect MARC links and discovery layers like Summon and Primo to the new interface automatically. In the meantime, if you'd like to enjoy the new platform, please do at  


Q: If I have a multimedia product (text and video) like Social Work Online or Engineering Case Studies Online, how does this new interface affect my experience? 

A: Those products will still be available on our current interface ( and all existing product landing pages are not changing.  Video from multimedia products will be available in both interfaces. Click here to see a listing of all multimedia products available.


Q: Who can I contact with more questions?