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Music Partners

The contributions of thousands of major and independent record labels, combined with the diligent work of the editorial team at Alexander Street, have made our music offerings the largest and most comprehensive resources available to academic audiences. We currently offer more than six million audio tracks, nearly 2,000 hours of video, more than one million pages of scores, and 124,000+ pages of text reference. Our curated audio collections provide millions of patrons worldwide with access to music in four core areas—American/folk, jazz, world, and classical—and hundreds of sub-genres.

This is an important way to bring the rich Donemus catalogue to the attention of musicians and music scientists worldwide... These collections offer the most comprehensive set of online materials to support teaching and research in music and related disciplines... collections featuring the highest quality content.

– Donemus


Contact Lisa Campbell about becoming a Music partner. 




Alexander Street has extended our catalog's reach to institutions and organizations far past the usual retail outlets. The staff is a joy to work with – pleasant and responsive as they work to resolve any issues quickly and effectively - an absolutely positive experience.

– Shelley Kraman, President Newport Classic, Ltd.