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Clinical Nursing Skills in Video

Clinical Nursing Skills in Video is a new and growing collection of regularly updated demonstration and training videos produced by ProQuest to help nursing students and professionals to improve their clinical skills and provide the best possible patient care. Skills covered in the collection are specially selected by our advisory board to meet the current standards of best practice with each video demonstrating a specific clinical skill step-by-step that is explained in clear language by the narrator.


High quality content: All videos are peer-reviewed and accredited by the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialling Center) to ensure a consistently high quality

Curriculum aligned: Topics and skills demonstrated in this collection have been selected by our advisory board of licensed nurses, nursing educators, researchers, and librarians to ensure they meet current standards of clinical judgement

Up-to-date: Videos reviewed on a regular basis to ensure adherence to the latest nursing standards and best practices


Skills and Topics Covered include

Anatomy and physiology: Detailed information on anatomy and physiology along with other components and functions of the body. 

Infection control skills: Review the basic but important infection control practices to prevent the spread of illness: creating the sterile field, handwashing, and glove usage.

Patient Communication: Improve patient interaction skills, including active listening, empathy, and effective communication with diverse patient populations.

Medication administration: Describe pharmacokinetics and the safe administration of medications, as well proper practices required to help prevent medication errors.

Maternal and Pediatric Care: Explore techniques and procedures for labor and delivery, neonatal care, and pediatric nursing.

Emergency and Critical Care: Enhance students ability to respond to emergencies and provide life-saving care in critical situations.


Best-in-Class Platform and Interface Optimized for Video

Features include:

Searchable, scrolling transcript and captions

Easy to use clipmaker

Easy integration with courseware including LTI 1.3- one click to embed in LMS

Ability to translate into a variety of languages (including Spanish)

Slow up or speed down playback

Auto adjust video quality based on bandwidth: never lag or buffer

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How can students use these videos?

As a supplement for practical clinical training, allowing them to practice when away from clinical settings. 

To practice and hone important clinical skills like wound care, infection control and administrating medication.

To stay up-to-date with the latest practices in nursing care. 

To prepare for clinical exams or skills assessments by reviewing and practicing specific procedures and techniques. 

To learn how to effectively communicate with patients including those with mental health challenges.

Faculty can also easily insert videos into course curriculum for visual demonstrations of skills and techniques.


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