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American History

American History

Discover rare and previously unpublished American History content. Deep dive into the Plymouth Rock landing, westward expansion, the Civil War, women’s suffrage, the Great Depression, World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, the Space Race, the Gay Rights Movement, the Iraq War, and more. You’ll uncover the inspiring voices of Native Americans, African Americans, women, the LGBT community, and other traditionally underrepresented groups in American History.

With unique tools for research, teaching, and learning, Alexander Street’s American History resources trace North America from its native roots to the emergence and evolution of the United States.

Students, faculty, and scholars will discover:

  • Rare and previously unpublished content
  • The most comprehensive coverage
  • Exceptional partners
  • Award-winning collections
  • Broad-ranging media, including newsreels, documentaries, oral histories, scholarly essays, photographs, newspapers, regimental rosters, conference proceedings, political pamphlets, letters, diaries, and other archival documents

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