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With the growth of Comics Studies and the demand for new types of primary sources across many disciplines, comics are increasingly explored in academic research, from Literature, Media, and History to Women’s/Gender Studies, Sociology, and Cultural Studies. They are also a popular teaching resource to engage students in understanding themes and topics in many subject areas. Digital archives of these materials allow researchers and students to develop new insights into changes in society and culture over the decades. 

Students, faculty and scholars of Comics Studies will discover:

  • Rare and previously hard-to-access content
    Libraries seldom have extensive print backfile holdings of comics. Our collections provide access to a large volume of rare and never-before-digitized materials that would otherwise be unavailable to many researchers and students.

  • The best mix of materials
    Comprises a variety of publication types, from comic book series to graphic novels, annuals, and one-shot comics, as well as contextual material from scholarly journals, books, and magazines. Materials span the pre-comics code era to modern sequential releases.

  • Variety of applications
    These publications have previously been used in a wide, multidisciplinary range of research and teaching topics, including sex/gender roles, sexuality, youth culture, textual analysis, cold war culture, depictions of witchcraft/Wicca, and comics in literacy development.

  • High-quality digitization
    Page-image, color digitization maximizes the rich visual content of this material, while detailed article-level indexing enhances the searchability and navigability of these resources.

Featured Collections