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Text/Archive Partners

Alexander Street has been working with archives and publishers since its inception to curate unique collections and make available the best contextualized resources in the world. We provide a unique opportunity to enhance exposure to your materials around highly curated collections in the humanities, social sciences, health sciences, music, performing arts, psychology, and business disciplines, among others.

Text databases are a key component of our publications: we started with the goal of “making silent voices heard” and our first collections were of digitized letters and diaries and women’s history resources. We quickly moved into drama, literature, black history, religion, and many more. Since our founding in 2000, we’ve digitized more than 9.8 million pages of text and archival content—including letters and diaries, photographs, sheet music, plays, books, newspapers, transcripts, and other key ephemera.

Some of our most recent publications, such as LGBT Thought and Culture and Twentieth Century Religious Thought , include a mix of published works and archives, while others such as  Early Experiences in Australasia and The Sixties are archival based. In all instances we provide unique indexing and metadata for a rich experience for the end user.

Our experience of working with ASP has been uniquely positive. We have been able to create new resources, encourage wider participation in our activities, and provide new outlets for our colleagues at precisely the right time for the development of anthropology as a discipline. The experience has been entirely smooth, and we look forward to extending our partnership with ASP for many years to come.

– David Shankland, Director, Royal Anthropological Institute

Alexander Street provided a perfect home for the files I had digitized over the years, documenting the history of the LGBT movement from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. Indexing and organizing the files, ASP gave them new life and opportunities for discovery. ASP is a partner of choice for individuals and organizations seeking distribution of their content.

– Tracy Baim, publisher and executive editor at Windy City Media Group

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