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Australasian Video Online

Australasian Video Online

Australasian Video Online is an online streaming database of documentary and educational videos from many of Australasia’s top video publishers. Growing to more than 500 hours of content, this collection brings the region’s most-studied and respected films together for the first time ever in one convenient online resource.

500 Hours of the Most-studied Films from Across the Region

Available on Alexander Street’s advanced learning interface, the collection encourages new levels of understanding and engagement with the regional titles your library already knows and trusts. Interface features include in-depth searching, filters for locating indigenous content, targeted teaching guides, tools for creating clips and playlists, and much more.

What’s included?

Content within Australasian Video Online is curated to include key video published from the mid-20th century to present day that touches on the undergraduate curriculum needs of virtually every department. Films highlight regional perspectives on anthropology, environmental studies, business, economics, health, media studies, the arts, and other important disciplines.

Sample titles

  • Everyday Brave—First-hand stories of movers and shakers in the Aboriginal community
  • Nuclear Reaction—New Zealand’s move toward a nuclear-free environment
  • The Game of Our Lives—Rugby’s cultural significance in New Zealand
  • Bom Bali—Circumstances behind the 2002 terrorist bombings in Bali
  • Kiribati: Where Are We Now?—Local efforts to gain political, economic, and cultural autonomy in Kiribati
  • Silk and Steel—Gender issues in Indonesia

Films come from Australasia’s most trusted content partners, including the National Film and Sound Archive’s Film Australia Collection, SBS Television, George Andrews Productions, Beamafilms, and Electric Pictures.

Alongside these key videos, Australasian Video Online provides more than 200 high-quality teaching guides produced by The Australian Teachers of Media Association. These detailed guides provide synopses, contextual information, discussion topics, sample classroom activities, and related resources that help enhance engagement and learning outcomes.

Tools for teaching and learning

Alexander Street is the only publisher that makes these acclaimed films available together in high-definition on an advanced learning interface. Dozens of advanced features that encourage in-depth exploration of these important materials include:

  • HD-quality video that lets you stream films at up to 2.5 mbps
  • Synchronized scrolling transcripts alongside every title
  • Semantic facet indexing that encourages users to discover new content of interest
  • Region-specific facets let patrons easily filter for indigenous content, and more
  • Cross-searchable interface that makes films available directly alongside related multimedia content—including global feature films and films in Asian studies—from Alexander Street’s related collections
  • Shareable playlists—add your favorite films and clips into an online playlist, then easily share the link, or slide it into a syllabus or LMS

Product information

Australasian Video Online is available to academic libraries worldwide annual subscription or perpetual purpose. No special setup or software is required—all you need is an Internet browser. For more information or to request a trial or price quote, email


Given its multi-disciplinary focus, its dual transcripts, supplementary material and deep level of descriptive detail, Australasian Video Online is recommended for any library that has a strong Australian studies component.

Doreen Sullivan, Cataloguer, RMIT University Library Reference Reviews