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Nursing and Mental Health in Video: A Symptom Media Collection

A nurse’s responsibility extends beyond addressing just physical ailments.  Nurses now must understand, assess and manage mental health issues that often present themselves alongside physical conditions. Prepare your students to do that with Alexander Street's, Nursing and Mental Health in Video.

Nursing and Mental Health in Video features over 240 videos of the most common mental health disorders nurses may encounter – whether in a primary care setting, emergency room, medical, psychiatric or other.
These essential visual examples will prepare nurses to better assess, diagnose, and manage mental health issues in patients. Faculty can easily integrate these 2-22 minute long videos within lectures, discussion groups, tests, and distance learning programs. Nursing and Mental Health in Video supports the existing curriculum at all levels – undergraduate, graduate, and professional.


See an overview of the database with links to guides, tutorials, and more. Visit the Libguide.

20+ Patient “Cases” Available, Highlights Include:

  • A patient experiencing an acute psychiatric episode in an emergency room setting.
  • An adolescent exhibiting depression and feelings of suicide.
  • A patient showing signs of panic disorder and OCD.
  • A nurse conducting a mental status exam on a patient with Alzheimer’s Dementia.
  • A patient experiencing paranoia triggered from not taking medication for Bipolar Disorder.
  • Interventions by a nurse to redirect a domestic argument between a patient and his partner.
Included within each “Case” are additional patient scenarios demonstrating important skills such as limit setting, diffusing of anger, patient negotiations, phrasing of questions, and use of assessments.

To further enhance the learning process, many of the “cases” include:

  • Director’s Cut – features moment-by-moment analysis of the case provided by a psychiatric mental health nurse.
  • Key Takeaways – includes a psychiatric mental health nurse’s opinion on what is most important in the video.
  • Future Treatment Options – includes recommendations on next steps in providing patient treatment.

Nursing experts who contributed to the collection

Roberta Freeman, RN, MSN, CS is a certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse with over 35 years of experience as a practitioner, educator, consultant and researcher in the Adolescent Unit at UCLA -  Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital.  She has collaborated with interdisciplinary treatment teams in evaluating, diagnosing, and coordinating patient care throughout hospitalization and disposition planning.  She has also worked in program evaluation, established and monitored patient care standards, and provided group therapy for adolescents. 

Karen Silva, PhD (Psychology), MFN, MSN, and RN-BC, has won multiple awards for Excellence in Nursing.   She has taught all major nursing courses, supervised nursing staff, and coordinated nursing educational programs.  Karen’s expertise in mental health and psychiatric nursing has led to her work in psychiatric units, as well as crisis centers.   Karen is tri-lingual (English, Portugese, and Spanish) and a co-founder of SOBEF (Sociedade Brasileira de Enfermagem Forense) in Brazil.   She is a much sought-after speaker at conferences, hospitals, and universities.

Product Information

Nursing and Mental Health in Video is available worldwide for university and public libraries as a subscription or for  perpetual purchase.