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PBS Video Collection: Fifth Edition

This collection of more than 1,600 streaming videos provides an exceptional range of content with the most valuable video documentaries and series from PBS. From science to history, art to Shakespeare, diversity to business & economics, the PBS Video Collection: Fifth Edition is a comprehensive resource of high-use, high-value video, to be used in teaching and learning.

Territorial rights on select titles are also available in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and United Kingdom. Check title list for specific titles available in your region.

Key Features

  • Provides access to one of television’s most trusted networks.
  • Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary coverage across STEM, humanities, social sciences, and performing arts.
  • Collection will continue to grow, into 2026, adding 200+ new titles annually.
  • Multiple acquisition models available: subscription and life-of-file ownership. Libraries can secure perpetual ownership and be confident in providing faculty permanent access to beloved titles embedded in syllabi. 

Content highlights*:







Product information

  • For collection sale in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and United Kingdom (Check title list for availability of titles in your specific region)
  • Subscription and life-of-file ownership available
    • Life-of-file ownership: Will secure access to titles permanently. This model will allow ownership of content available at point of purchase and any that are added into 2026 with no content removals.
  • For academic colleges, universities, and K-12


  • PBS will rotate in 200+ fresh titles each year to add relevant and engaging content. As with previous PBS collections, PBS will swap out titles during your subscription, however, your title count will continue to grow over your subscription term and continue to provide your patrons the quality PBS content they expect into 2026.

*Territorial restrictions may apply