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The FILM PLATFORM Collection

FILM PLATFORM is known globally for award-winning documentary films curated for academic audiences. Its exclusive collection of documentary films has been carefully selected from prestigious film festivals and made by the best filmmakers including many OSCAR®-nominated and OSCAR®-shortlisted documentaries. Masterfully produced, the films create an emotional experience for the viewer, engaging them deeply and authentically in some of the most pressing issues of our time. 

Multidisciplinary in nature, these documentaries are ideal for promoting critical thinking and encouraging engaging discussions in courses throughout campus.

The collection will continue to grow, adding no less than 100 titles per year, between now and 2023, to reach 800* titles upon completion. 

New for Fall 2021

New for Fall 2020

  • White Noise (politics & current affairs | diversity)
  • iHuman (film | technology | politics & current affairs)
  • Self-Portrait (health | mental health)

Highlighted documentaries include

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* Not all FILM PLATFORM titles are included in this collection.  Territorial restrictions may apply to total title count.