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The BBC Landmark Video Collection: Second Edition

From the depths of the oceans to the Antarctic ice cap, from a firsthand view of evolution in animals and plants to Cretaceous Alaska and far-flung corners of the globe, the BBC Landmark Video Collection is your groundbreaking exclusive HD view into our natural world.  Through access to cutting-edge series like Planet Earth and Blue Planet, and the newly added Big Cats and Dynasties series, your classrooms and students can now experience breathtaking natural events like never before.

For courses in science, natural history, geology, geography, earth science, climate science, environmental science, biology, anthropology, and more.

With the addition of 37 new titles in the second edition, the collection is launching complete with a total of 120+ videos.

Series Now Available in the Second Edition:

Courtesy of BBC Studios​


Our desire to create – to leave our mark on the world – is what makes us human. From the earliest cave paintings to progressive modern masterpieces, Civilisations explores this universal need. It’s a story of passion and struggle, introducing a new generation to classic works created across the continents.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Big Cats

Combining fascinating behaviours with amazing stories, Big Cats reflects the true nature of cats – and reveals how they still have the power to surprise. The planet’s top predators and everyone’s favourite animals, as you’ve never seen them before.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​


From the familiar to the previously unseen, Rituals captures the human race’s most remarkable stories, revealing in breathtaking detail the extraordinary, extreme and epic rituals that connect us all.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​


This stunningly shot series explores the complex relationships of five of our most celebrated and endangered animals, showing the teamwork it takes to hold onto their territories.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Earth’s Natural Wonders (Series 2)

The series reveals how the humans who have adapted to – and evolved alongside – these places use astonishing skills, ingenuity and bravery in the fight for survival.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Secrets of the Human Body

Secrets of the Human Body uses cutting-edge graphics that effectively peel back the skin and reveal the surprisingly beautiful biological processes that keep us alive.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​


Icons profiles the people who helped create our modern world – from the explorers and sportspeople who took human achievement to its limit, to the artists who inspired the world, and the leaders who shaped it. This is the story of the 20th century, told through its most famous faces.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Mission Galápagos

From sunbathing penguins to iguanas that have learnt to swim, Mission Galápagos reveals just how far a species will stretch itself in order to survive.

First Edition Series Include:

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Blue Planet (All 8 episodes)

This definitive natural history of the world's oceans covers everything from popular shores and teeming shallows to the mysterious open depths. Two-thirds of the planet is covered by the oceans and yet they remain largely unexplored and certainly under-filmed. This series changes our views of the deep through advances in underwater photography that open the doors to unknown territories never before explored.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Blue Planet II (All 7 episodes)

Oceans as we've never known them. Shorelines we thought we'd explored. Depths we thought we'd charted. Seas we thought we knew. Think again. In the last decade, more species have been discovered than ever before.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Planet Earth (All 11 episodes)

Four years in production, over 2000 days in the field, using 71 cameramen filming across 204 locations in 62 countries, with unique, specially developed filming techniques this is the ultimate portrait of our planet and the epic story of life on Earth. This stunning experience combines rare action, unimaginable scale, impossible locations and intimate moments with our planet's best-loved, wildest and most elusive creatures. Journey through the challenging seasons and the daily struggle for survival in Earth's most extreme habitats.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Nature’s Great Events (All 6 episodes)

Combining epic cinematography, with all the emotion, intimacy and storytelling of a wildlife diary, this series charts the effects of global climatic phenomena which transform entire landscapes, drawing in thousands of animals and determining their fate. Each episode is set in a different part of the world - from the great flood of the Okavango delta to the plankton blooms of the Pacific Ocean - and shows how immense natural forces, often starting thousands of miles away, drive a chain reaction that culminates in a spectacular wildlife event.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Life (All 10 episodes)

This is evolution in action. More than 4 years in the making, filmed over 3000 days, across every continent and habitat, this series brings you 130 incredible stories from the frontiers of the natural world and is packed with stunning screen 'firsts' and cutting-edge cinematic techniques. Discover the variety of life on Earth and the spectacular tactics animals and plants have developed to stay alive. See creatures under pressure to overcome challenges from adversaries and their environment, pushing the boundaries of behavior. Watch unprecedented, beautiful sequences - birds dancing on the water's surface in dazzlingly intricate displays of courtship and fidelity, fish outwitting predators by using their fins to take flight, and more. 

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Frozen Planet (All 6 episodes)

Go on a spectacular polar expedition into a breathtaking landscape most humans will never experience. Epic in scale, this series is the ultimate portrait of the great wildernesses of the Arctic and Antarctic before they change forever. Narrated by world renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough, Frozen Planet takes new technology to the most extreme and remote parts of our planet, capturing groundbreaking imagery as camera teams go deep under the ice into a magical world of giants, plunge into the heart of an erupting polar volcano and fly to the South Pole across the Antarctic ice cap. Get closer than ever before to the lives of charismatic animal characters and witness extraordinary examples of survival against the odds.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Life Story (All 6 episodes)

With an intimate new experiential approach and distinct visual style, follow a cast of star animal characters as they struggle to overcome the fundamental challenges of life. The result: the most complete picture ever of the epic fight to survive - from birth to death.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Africa (All 5 episodes)​

This is a journey through 5 diverse regions of an amazing continent, taking you seamlessly from the wild terrain of extraordinary landscapes to intimate encounters with its mesmerizing creatures. From the beauty and serenity of the soaring Atlas Mountains to the Cape of Good Hope, from the brooding jungles of the Congo to the raging Atlantic Ocean: experience unexplored rainforests, never-before-filmed mountain ranges and even snow-covered desert. As the dynamic tension between wilderness and wildlife plays out, the beauty and power of this majestic land is revealed.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Spy in the Wild (All 4 episodes)​ 

How different are we to our animal cousins? A new generation of spy cameras reveals just how similar we are as each episode revolves around a familiar aspect of our own lives – love, intelligence, friendship and mischief. Meet the elephant aunts who act as midwives, the bowerbirds gathering trinkets to impress the ladies, and hippos having pedicures. These moments not only reveal a lot about animal behavior, they also hint at the essence of our own humanity. 

Single Programs Include:

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Tiny Giants

Watch this spectacular ground-level view of the smallest wonders of the natural world. Using the incredibly immersive power of specialist cameras, you are transported in a very intimate way into another world to experience the titanic battles creatures face to survive.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet

Huge bone beds, found in Alaska and Alberta, reveal the pachyrhinosaurs roamed in vast herds.  They very likely undertook epic migrations and had complex social lives. Immerse yourself in Cretaceous Alaska. Follow a herd of large, frilled, plant-eating dinosaurs –Pachyrhinosaurus and their youngsters through the seasons and the challenges of growing up and establishing themselves in this prehistoric world. 

Courtesy of BBC Studios​

Wild Africa

Go on a journey through the magical realms of the wildest continent on earth.  Fly along the Great Rift Valley following the twisting rivers to discover a family of elephants on their epic search for water.  From the highest snow-covered mountains in Kenya, along great rivers, into steamy rainforests and wide-open savannahs, Wild Africa reveals the striking contrast of stunning deserts beside wild oceans and the sunlit abundance of the coral reefs.  Water, the interconnecting force of this kingdom, serves as a guide, shaping wild Africa and conjuring up life wherever it journeys.

Courtesy of BBC Studios​


This immersive experience takes you on an incredible flight across the world on the wings of birds as you’re plunged into the center of the flock. Revolutionary aerial techniques and state-of–the-art cameras deliver the reality of flying right alongside birds as we join a variety of different species on their seasonal journeys. Here, we discover the fascinating science of flight: how they maneuver simultaneously in flocks a million strong; manage immense journeys; navigate across whole continents and collaborate with other animals to find food.  


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With its straightforward, accessible design, the BBC Landmark Video Collection is highly recommended for public and academic libraries. …the database will appeal to a variety of patrons interested in nature documentaries.

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