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Ethnographic Video Online, Royal Anthropological Institute Teaching Edition

Ethnographic Video Online, Royal Anthropological Institute Teaching Edition is a curriculum-aligned collection of videos and segments curated to support the teaching of introductory anthropology courses. Each video and segment within this collection are accompanied by a teaching guide providing background information, lesson plans, and classroom exercises and activities. There are a variety of themes that are discussed including family and kinship, gender roles, cultural identity, belief systems and other topics centered around diversity, change, and culture. All teaching materials within this collection are created by the Education Committee of the Royal Anthropological Institute.


Teaching Edition is ideal for veteran educators looking to freshen their lessons or a brand new teacher creating a course from scratch, This collection provides educators with the tools they need to make classroom teaching more effective. Produced in partnership with the Education Committee of the Royal Anthropological Institute, this syllabi-driven collection contains some of the most popular videos* in anthropology from Ethnographic Video Online Series for illustrating core concepts at the introductory level. Each lesson is available as a PDF that can be saved or printed and contains a complete class workflow. 

*Note about the videos: While the teaching guides link to specific clips, users have access to the full videos as well! 

Ethnographic Video Online: Teaching Guides Include:

  • Background Information: An overview of the film featured in the guide including description, director(s), place, year, and anthropologist(s) are listed.
  • Themes: The main and sub themes are listed. These themes can be searched or browsed to find related content.
  • Film Contents: The beginning of each guide lists the featured clips and the purpose and themes of each clip.
  • Lesson Purpose: Each lesson has an anthropological learning goal.
  • Lesson Objectives:  This lists what the students will accomplish and learn in the lesson.
  • Cast: Notable people featured in the film are described.
  • Starter Activity: This is a short activity that will help students began to think about the topic.
  • "Good to Know" Fact: Some guides provide contextual facts related to the film.
  • While Watching Clip: These are instructions on how students can take notes or fill out a worksheet while watching the clip.
  • Suggested Exercise: Questions are provided for students to analyze and critically think about the video.
  • Suggested Discussion: Questions are offered for engaging classroom discussion.
  • Comparison: This section offers a prompt of comparison to delve further into anthropological themes.
  • Summary Task: This is a closing task to bring all that is learned together.
  • Closing Activity: This activity is a final opportunity to critically think about the theme of the film.
  • Additional Resources: Listed are introductory texts, advanced texts, related films, and a link to the full film.
  • Glossary: Key terms and definitions are offered.

Featured Topics of the Collection:

  • Kinship, Marriage, Family and Reproduction
  • Archaeology
  • Music, Dance and Performance
  • Ritual and Symbolism
  • Economics and Livelihoods
  • Transnationalism and Globalisation


Ethnographic Video Online: Royal Anthropological Institute Teaching Edition is a key component of the Anthropology Resource Library package, along with the following collections: