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Counseling & Therapy

Prepare your counseling students to make a difference with the best, most up-to-date applied training and research materials available. Materials are curated and developed to meet the educational and research needs of a variety of counseling curricula.  

The highest quality content

Curated to meet educational needs, our collections feature more than 400 real counseling professionals. Users are ensured a broad base of theoretical perspectives, methods, and focus areas. In addition to acquiring materials from top partners in the industry, Alexander Street’s Microtraining Associates develops cutting-edge videos, demonstrations, conference recordings, and real therapy transcripts on topics from cognitive-behavioral therapy to neuroscience to cyberbullying.

Cost-effective solutions

Access valuable materials at a small fraction of the typical cost of physical acquisition.

Powerful platform and learning tools

A unique playlist tool and clip-making feature gives faculty and students the power to create, select, and share content aligned to course topics.

The most up-to-date data

New materials are added regularly to keep users on the cutting edge of new developments, theories, and practices in the field.

  • Guaranteed access to the highest quality, and most current, versions of the videos and text resources scholars need to do their best work.
  • Content touches on many different topic areas, and is relevant for both undergraduate and graduate-level scholarship.
  • Controlled vocabularies and semantic facet browsing allow users to discover new materials and find exactly what they need.
  • Bonus resources include hundreds of playlists and clips created by faculty and subject matter experts, including playlists matched to popular course syllabi.
  • Embed features allow for easy LMS integration.

Partners and contributors

Materials are hand-selected from world-renowned counselors, researchers, clinicians, and thought-leaders, including Scott Miller (pioneer of feedback-informed treatment); John Winslade and Gerald Monk (narrative therapy); Janet E. Helms, Derald Wing Sue, Robert Carter and Thomas Parham (multiculturalism and racial identity); Rita Chi-Ying Chung and Fred Bemak (social justice); and Samuel Gladding (family systems).


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