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Gender & Sexuality Studies

The interdisciplinary study of gender identity and sexual orientation is no longer a new field, but it is certainly one of the most dynamic in academia. The rapid growth of sexual diversity studies has generated demand for more accessible sources for LGBTQ+ history, and related civil rights movements, as well as authentic narratives from these communities.

With Alexander Street collections, researchers can explore topics in LGBTQ+ history, culture, rights, social movements, marriage equality, families, physical/mental health issues, and more. Users can also analyze how race, ethnicity, location, class, nationality, religion and disability, intersect with the categories of gender and sexuality. Primary sources from various places and periods of history chart the ways in which LGBTQ+ individuals and groups have challenged bias, discrimination, and oppression.

These collections have cross-disciplinary relevance beyond gender and sexuality courses, serving research and teaching needs in history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, counseling, political science, human rights studies, cultural studies, and religious studies.

Featured Collections

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