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Prepare tomorrow's health sciences professionals for the challenges they will face in the field. Health sciences presents an extensive assemblage of videos, books, and documents from practitioners, teachers, and researchers in many medical fields—including dentistry, nursing, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and veterinary science. Instructional videos by world-renowned clinicians and educators provide detailed lessons and demonstrations of skills and techniques.

The highest quality content

All content has been hand-selected by expert editors and approved for educational use by leading organizations in the field, like the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Occupational Therapy Association.

A focus on holistic health care 

Our materials approach health within the context of the complete patient, with a respect for the interconnectedness of each discipline and the realities of today’s health care services.

Powerful platform and learning tools

A unique playlist tool and clip-making feature gives faculty and students the power to create, select, and share content aligned to course topics.

The most recent data

Materials are added and reviewed for accuracy regularly to ensure users have access to the newest, most accurate information in the field.



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