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The Broadway On Demand Collection

The Broadway on Demand Collection provides an exciting range of titles that go beyond live performances.  Along with full-length, professionally staged theatre and musical productions, this collection provides off-Broadway performances, unique Broadway on Demand produced series, behind the scenes documentaries, and masterclasses that help viewers gain a deeper understanding of the art of theatre. For those looking to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of the art of theatre, this collection offers a front-row seat, providing the opportunity to learn directly from the masters of Broadway through engaging masterclasses and performances.  

The Broadway on Demand Collection is the ultimate resource for performing arts students and researchers. This collection not only includes masterful plays, musicals, and dance performances, but it also provides a diverse range of unique behind-the-scenes series, documentaries, instructional videos, and more. 

Experience the full journey from behind the stage to the bright lights of Broadway.
This collection offers titles that can be paired with an included accompanying documentary to give a fascinating look at the many layers involved in the making of a Broadway musical and take viewers on both sides of the curtain:

  • Allegiance (2015) and Allegiance: to Broadway (2015): In Allegiance witness the musical based on the life experiences of George Takei during Japanese internment camps of World War II. The accompanying documentary, Allegiance: to Broadway, gives valuable insights into the cultural, social, and historical factors that influenced the creative process of making the musical.
  • Burning Man: The Musical (2021) and Behind the Scenes: Burning Man the Musical (2021): Burning Man: The Musical is a new comedy about techies and hippies at Burning Man, filmed with ten actors on a sound stage during the pandemic, while Behind the Scenes: Burning Man the Musical offers five short episodes that provide insights into the creative process of different roles, making it a valuable addition to any performing arts collection.

The Broadway on Demand Collection provides researchers with:  
A Range of Contemporary Performances 

  • Musicals such as 1660 Vine (2022), Gatsby: The Musical (2021), and Anna Karenina: The Musical (2018). 
  • plays such as Waiting for Obama (2020) and Riot Act (2021). 
  • Dance performances, such as Celtic Illusion (2020) and Hip Hop Nutcracker (2019). 
  • Stratford Festival performances of Shakespeare plays including The Taming of the Shrew, The Adventures of Pericles, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and more.   
  • These modern performances provide students and researchers with an opportunity to explore and engage with the latest works from Broadway. 

Behind-The-Scenes Series and Masterclasses 

  • Broadway Master Class: The best in the business sit down, lean forward and get real about their wins and losses and share their secrets of how to do what often seems impossible – make a Broadway hit. 
  • Broadway Masters: Interviews with industry’s top performers, who offer penetrating insight and an unforgettable education on how they made it to Broadway. 
  • Sas & Shred series: Led by Broadway sensation Rachelle Rak, this high-intensity, strength training boot camp demonstrates what it really takes to train like a Broadway dancer. 
  • Our behind-the-scenes access and masterclasses enable students to learn from the masters of Broadway and gain a deeper understanding of the creative process behind theater productions. 

Perpetual Availability to Preserve Access 

Perpetual availability ensures that these unique performances and resources are available to scholars and students for generations to come.  This collection provides scholars and students with access to otherwise hard-to-come-by performances, ensuring that they have perpetual access to these unique resources. 

The Broadway on Demand Collection provides unparalleled perpetual access to some of the most iconic and celebrated performers of our time, along with a range of behind-the-scenes access, documentaries, and masterclasses and is and essential resource for libraries seeking to provide their patrons with access to diverse and unique performing arts materials.