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Music Online: The Qwest TV Collections

Music Online: The Qwest TV Collections, preserves diverse live performances, covering the evolution of jazz and beyond — representing funk, soul, hip-hop, folk, indie, electronic, blues, and other eclectic world genres. Co-created by Quincy Jones & Reza Ackbaraly, this unique collection of highly curated titles makes timeless concerts and global music accessible for research, teaching and learning. Perpetual access available exclusively through ProQuest. 


Music Online: The Qwest TV Collection, Volume I 

Music Online: The Qwest TV Collection, Volume I provides access to hard-to-find historical live performances of legendary jazz artists for modern scholars. The first volume represents 21st century culturally and racially diverse global artists, showcasing the influence of jazz into present-day music.

  • Legendary and rare recordings: With well-known names in jazz history such as Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, and more.  Also includes renowned recordings from the Legends in Concert series, including live performances by Benny Goodman, Nat King Cole, The Temptations, and more. 
  • Diverse and global coverage: Includes a wide range of genres with timeless concerts spanning jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, rock, folk, electronic music, and global music. Volume I includes works from unique world music artists like Souad Massi, an Algerian Berber folk/ chaâbi singer, songwriter and guitarist; Céu, a Brazilian artist who creates synthetic and psychedelic pop/soul music; Tomatito y Grupo, whose music is a flamenco tinged with jazz. 

Music Online: The Qwest TV Collection, Volume II

Music Online: The Qwest TV Collection, Volume II presents titles that explore jazz’s influence during the 21st century. Experience live performances from jazz legends, contemporary innovators, and world music artists. Explore captivating documentaries, and insightful interviews spanning soul, funk, hip-hop, rock, folk, electronic, and global genres. From shedding light on the socio-political contexts that shape artistic expression to showcasing the diversity of musical genres across different communities and eras, this makes global sounds accessible for scholars and music enthusiasts.  

  • Unique Performances: Explore exceptional moments in global music, from the captivating improvisations of the Shai Maestro Trio to the soulful rhythms of Boubacar Traoré. These recordings capture the diverse talents and styles of renowned performers, providing an unforgettable musical experience.
  • Cultural Representation: Spanning continents and traditions, the collection reflects the global influence of jazz and its intersections with various cultural expressions.  Performances such as Yoni Mayraz's fusion of jazz and world music celebrates the rich diversity of musical expression from around the world.
  • Analogue Sessions: Experience the raw creativity of contemporary artists in intimate sessions that capture the essence of their musical genius. Sessions with artists like Roberto Fonseca, offer a unique glimpse into the creative process of modern musicians.
  • Documentaries and Interviews: Delve deeper into the stories behind the music with insightful documentaries and interviews. From the thought-provoking "12 Questions" series featuring conversations with influential figures like Quincy Jones and Kamasi Washington to behind-the-scenes glimpses of artists' lives, these features provide a rich context for understanding the music.

How will you use them? 

  • Make live performances accessible on a platform built for teaching and learning. 
  • Create and share video clips with notations. 
  • Integrate with classroom workflows via Learning Management Systems, email and embedded links. 
  • Full MARC records and compatibility with discovery systems such as Primo, Summon, and EDS allow for easy discovery.
  • Gauge usage with COUNTER-compliant statistics and impactful user engagement metrics. 

Preserve Access to Historic Recordings

  • Music Online: The Qwest TV Collections are your exclusive chance to secure perpetual rights access for these rare and valuable recordings for your institution.  Nowhere else offers perpetual access to these titles. 
  • Guaranteed Long-term access: Perpetual access rights ensure that the videos will remain available for your institution even if the original copyright holder no longer offers them.
  • Reliable access: Perpetual access rights provide a secure and stable source of access to performance videos.