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Indigenous Peoples

Explore the histories, cultures and issues facing native populations. This area of study spans disciplines, perspectives and periods of time. ProQuest/Alexander Street offers intersectional, multiformat and cross-searchable materials. Researchers will find both overviews and in-depth examinations of specific people, places and events. Plus, broader, more comprehensive research of topics as they evolve. 

Concerns about the decolonization of libraries and resources are increasing. This content is expertly curated to include multiple points of view, ensuring the voices of historically marginalized people are heard. You’ll find:

  • Colonial histories, including government policies and actions related to property, assimilation and human rights abuses, documented in primary source collections
  • Native American activism and intersectional issues
  • Audio and video resources for immersive research and learning through interviews, award-winning documentaries, music collections and intimate oral histories
  • Cross-disciplinary databases of multiformat content including primary sources, books, scholarly articles and video for insights and information on cultural social, environmental, health, economic and legal issues impacting indigenous people

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