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Contemporary Global Issues in Video

Contemporary Global Issues in Video is a video only collection that updates the themes in the existing Global Issues collections. Encompassing international documentaries on humanitarian and environmental issues, this collection includes films on: child trafficking, life in refugee camps to post-conflict support and LGBTQ+ rights; anti-corruption protests and indigenous people’s movements across the globe; and the impact of technology on international security. Environmental-themed films illustrate the devastating impact of environmental degradation on the planet. 

About the collection

Contemporary Global Issues in Video, a video only collection, provides a valuable resource for scholars looking to gain an in-depth understanding of the complex and interconnected issues affecting our planet. With 125 hours of visual documentation covering a broad range of topics, including environmental crises, social justice, and political conflicts, this collection offers a comprehensive look at the challenges facing our world. The videos offered in conjunction with the Global Issues Library provide students and scholars with a more dynamic learning experience. By providing an additional layer of visual resources, this collection enables unique and truly global perspectives that may not be fully conveyed through text-based resources. 

Topics include:

  • Within the environmental crises category, the collection features topics such as bees in crisis, depletion of fisheries and forests, plastic and the alarming rate of global warming, all of which illustrate the devastating impact of environmental degradation. 
  • Social justice issues category includes themes such as child trafficking, refugee camps and LGBT+ rights during migration, which brings into focus the struggles of vulnerable populations. 
  • Political conflict reconstruction and power struggles are explored in films that include anti-corruption movements, the dispossession of indigenous peoples and the rise of youth movements. 

Content Partners

Contemporary Global Issues in Video is a product of collaborations with renowned video publishers across the globe who share a common goal of producing high-quality documentaries and educational videos on various global issues. The list of partnering publishers is incredibly diverse and features companies and individuals who hail from different parts of the world. Among the notable publishers are Andana Films, Utopic Documentaries, who have produced several videos that delve into the complexities of environmental, social, and political issues. Publishers such as TVF International, Passion River Productions, and Beliane specialize in educational titles.

Highlighted titles: 

"A World Without Bees?" by Beliane, which explores the crisis faced by bees and its impact on the environment. 

"The Time of Forests" by Andana Films and "Smokescreen" by Utopic Documentaries, which explore forests in crisis. 

"Arctic Meltdown" by TVF International addresses global warming, while "Global Thermostat" by Beliane offers solutions to tackle the issue. 

"Child Trafficking" by Andana Films sheds light on the issue of child trafficking, and "Moria, Beyond Hell" by Beliane examines the impact of Covid-19 on refugee camps. 

"The Resolute" by Andana Films covers the sensitive topic of child soldiers, and "Colombia: The Faces of Reconstruction" by Beliane focuses on the challenges of human reconstruction.


Contemporary Global Issues in Video is a key component of the Global Issues Library: