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Aging in the Modern World

Aging in the Modern World provides a rich, multi-media exploration of global aging complexities, offering diverse cultural perspectives, personal narratives, and scholarly insights from 1900 to 2020. Through its coverage of government approaches, societal attitudes, and key themes like ageism and technological innovations, it serves as an invaluable resource for understanding and addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with the aging population worldwide.

Aging in the Modern World provides a wide array of primary and secondary sources— reference materials, policies, videos, and archival government documents spanning decades — to create a rich resource for investigating the historical and cultural impacts of aging populations of global societies. 

This collection provides:

  • Government approaches to aging: explore laws, policies, and societal attitudes regarding the rights of older individuals, emphasizing advocacy against ageism and societal treatment.
  • Provides diverse cultural perspectives on retirement, education, housing, and evolving perceptions of aging.
  • Personal Life Stories from the elderly that cover war, migration, and attitudes and reflections on change and the aging process.  


Highlighted titles include: 

     Designing environments for the aging : policies and strategies (UCL Bartlett)

     Improving later life. Vulnerability and resilience in older people (Age UK)

     Go Grandriders (Video from Passion River Productions)


Key themes and topics encompassed include:

  • Rights Advocacy and Ageism
  • Political Influence of Older Demographics
  • Societal Treatment of Aging
  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • Evolving Societal Views on Aging
  • Educational Opportunities for Aging Populations
  • Economic and Societal Implications
  • Health and Well-being
  • Policy and Governance
  • Technological and Societal Innovations