Ethnographic Video Online Series

Ethnographic Video Online Series

In today’s learning and research environment, it’s an ongoing struggle for anthropologists to gain insight into many remote and lesser-documented cultures of the world. Materials about these groups—especially visual media—are rare and, when extant, often scattered across multiple archives and formats, making them difficult to access.

Ethnographic Video Online addresses this challenge by providing 1,200 hours of documentaries, primary-source footage, and select feature films for the visual study of human culture and behavior, all in one convenient online interface.

Global in scope, this multi-volume resource contains footage from every continent and hundreds of cultures. At the core of this collection are the most frequently assigned films in anthropology, ethnography, and social psychology courses.

Publishing partners include the most significant names in visual anthropology, such as Documentary Educational Resources (DER), Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), and BBC, as well as independent producers and distributors. Key thematic areas across the series include:

  • Body language
  • Caste systems and slavery
  • Conflict and conflict resolution
  • Cooking
  • Culture and personality
  • Economic systems
  • Food and foraging
  • Gender roles
  • Kinesthetics
  • Kinship and families
  • Language and culture
  • Music and the arts
  • Political organization
  • Religion and magic
  • Social stratification and status

Ethnographic Video Online: Volume I

“This high-quality, one-of-a-kind resource is invaluable for most programs in the social sciences and specifically for film studies and anthropology. Summing Up: Highly recommended.” ‒CHOICE

Ethnographic Video Online: Volume I provides 750 hours of film, ranging from the most-studied films for the anthropology classroom to indigenous media that give voice to lesser-known groups and cultures.

Classic film highlights include:

  • The !Kung Bushman series
  • The Ax Fight
  • Dead Birds
  • The Hunters
  • A Kalahari Family
  • Nanook of the North
  • Rivers of Sand
  • The complete Yanomamo series
  • Plus works from Jean Rouch, Margaret Mead,
    Gregory Bateson, and more

Contemporary works in Volume I come from Australians Nicole Ma and Michelle Mahrer, Raju Gurung of Nepal,  Dakxin Bajrange of India, Italy’s Caterina Borelli, Hu Tai-Li of Taiwan, Japan’s Ikeda Hajime, Ana María Pavez of Chile, Mexico’s Juan Francisco Urrusti, and more.

The collection also includes filmmaker interviews, retrospectives, never-before published “hidden archive” collections, privately held footage from working anthropologists, and films that address practical and philosophical questions about the discipline.

Ethnographic Video Online: Volume II

Building on the foundational content in the first volume, Ethnographic Video Online: Volume II introduces 500 hours of material, both archival and contemporary films. This second volume also documents current issues such as environmental crises, refugee migration, and endangered languages.

Featured works include:

  • RAI’s six-part series from Central Television, Strangers Abroad, which documents the link between the “armchair anthropologist” and the modern field worker/scholar by presenting footage of the pioneering ethnographers who lived among the people they studied. Films in the series include Margaret Mead’s Coming of Age, Franz Boas’s The Shackles of Tradition, and Bronislaw Malinowski’s Off the Verandah.
  • Selections from the Asia Pacific Films collection, which provides strong representation of Oceania with films by Caroline Yacoe, Garin Nugroho, Uruphong Raksasad, Stephanie Castillo, Vilsoni Hereniko, U-Wei Haji Saari, and Xie Fei.
  • Forbidden Rites, a series produced for National Geographic that includes films on cannibalism, head hunting, and human sacrifice.
  • Internationally recognized films from ZED, including Becoming a Man, Master of the Spirits, and Lands of Legends.

Teaching Power

Ethnographic Video Online is available on Alexander Street Press’s advanced online interface, which provides an array of features to enhance teaching and learning.

  • The collection is indexed to meet the specific search needs of anthropology faculty and students. Search and browse by ethnographer, cultural group, publisher, place discussed, and other criteria.
  • Unlike physical DVDs, online streaming makes it easy to queue up video for in-class or assigned watching, and allows unlimited simultaneous viewers on-campus or off.
  • Clip-making tools, personalized playlists, and annotations let you integrate content straight into your syllabus or LMS.
  • Synchronized, searchable, scrolling transcripts run alongside each video, enhancing navigation and access.
  • View a full overview of all of the features on the Ethnographic Video Online interface here.

Publication Details

Ethnographic Video Online is a multi-volume online collection available to academic, public, and school libraries worldwide via subscription or one-time purchase of perpetual rights. Volumes are available individually or as a set. Prices are scaled to institutional size and budget.

Coming in 2014: Ethnographic Video Online: Volume III. Full details will be available soon!