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Music Online: Classical Music in Video

The Music Online: Classical Music in Video volumes features major orchestral performances by leading orchestras, chamber music, oratorio, and solo performances as well documentaries and interviews with master teachers from around the world. These collections encompass the works of the most significant and influential figures in the history of classical music, who are widely regarded as the giants of the genre. Their contributions have had a profound impact on the development and definition of classical music as we know it today; studying the works of these composers is essential for music scholars to comprehend the evolution of Western classical music. These composers span a wide range of musical styles and eras, and their works continue to inspire music scholars and enthusiasts alike. 


Likewise, the artists featured in these collections are highly acclaimed and accomplished musicians who have made significant contributions to the classical music world. They bring to the table a rich and diverse range of instruments, styles, and time periods.  Their performances are a testament to the different ways in which classical music can be experienced, with a mix of solo performances and ensemble collaborations. 
The included documentaries, masterclasses, and interviews are important part of the Music Online: Classical Music in Video volumes providing valuable insights and perspectives on the works and performances of some of the most significant and influential figures in classical music history.  

Music Online: Classical Music in Video, Volume I  

Represents the most well-known and respected composers in the cannon including Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Verdi, Brahms, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Ravel, and Wagner. 
Featured artists include Luciano Pavarotti, Itzhak Perlman, Martha Argerich, András Schiff, Renée Fleming, Daniel Barenboim, Plácido Domingo, Yo-Yo Ma, Vladimir Horowitz, and Yehudi Menuhin. 
Volume I includes a variety of genres such as opera, concertos, symphonies, sonatas, suites, string quartets, songs, waltzes, documentaries, cantatas, etudes, tangos, operettas, solos, musicals, overtures, fantasies, piano trios, mazurkas, anthems, motets, tone poems, hymns, oratorios, partitas, ballets, electro-acoustic pieces, fugues, and percussion pieces. 

Music Online: Classical Music in Video, Volume II (Coming Soon!) 

This collection continues the rich tradition of Vol. I, featuring a diverse range of musical performances, masterclasses, and documentaries showcasing classical concerto, orchestral, and choral music from the medieval to contemporary periods. It features some of the world's most renowned artistic companies across various musical genres, making it an ideal resource for those studying music performance, musicology, history of music, interpretation of classical works, and music appreciation at all levels. 

Music Online: Classical Music in Video, Volumes I and II are key components of Music Video Collection a part of Music and Dance Online