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Music Online: Opera in Video

Music Online: Opera in Video feature the most significant opera performances from around the world, captured on video through staged productions, interviews, and documentaries. These selections, showcasing the world's top performers, conductors, and opera houses, are chosen based on their importance to the operatic canon, providing an unparalleled opportunity for students to study and analyze the work of some of the most renowned artists and ensembles in opera. 

These collections include a wide range of vocal talents within the world of opera, preserving the voices of artists who have made significant contributions to the development and evolution of this art form. These performances showcase the innovative and creative aspects of opera, ballet, and classical music through intricate staging, choreography, design, and musical composition, making them essential viewing for anyone interested in these art forms. 

In addition to the performances, the collections feature documentaries about operas and their making, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the history, production, and performance of various operas. These documentaries explore the creative process as well as the historical and cultural significance of operas and include interviews with key figures involved in the production, offering valuable insight into the challenges they face in bringing an opera to the stage.  

Offering an extensive selection of titles from various time periods, composers, and performers, Music Online: Opera in Video, Volumes I and II present a fantastic chance to study and appreciate this magnificent art form. The performances, featuring top-tier opera artists, are accompanied by world-class orchestras and choruses, providing a truly unforgettable experience. Furthermore, with subtitles available in multiple languages, the collection can be enjoyed by a global audience. 

Music Online: Opera in Video, Volume I

Provides an opportunity to study and analyze the work of some of the world's most renowned ensembles including:  

  • Chorus of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden: Versatile and impressive ensemble with seamless adaptability. 
  • Chorus of the Netherlands Opera (DNO, De Nederlandse Opera, Dutch Opera): Internationally recognized for innovative and daring productions with precise and complex music. 
  • ASKO Ensemble of Amsterdam: Critically acclaimed for its unique and influential contemporary classical music. 
  • Drottningholm Court Theatre Chorus and Orchestra: Historically informed performances with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to accuracy, specializing in Baroque and Classical periods. 
  • San Francisco Opera Chorus and Orchestra: Dynamic and stirring performances bringing vibrant energy and vivid life to every production with a remarkable ability to capture the composer's vision. 

Music Online: Opera in Video, Volume II (New!) 

Volume II features a selection of notable opera productions and insightful documentaries from renowned artists and companies, offering a glimpse into some of the world's most celebrated and historically significant operas. The collection spans a wide array of classic masterpieces, carefully chosen for their enduring impact on the opera tradition. With a diverse roster of ensembles and artists, this volume encompasses both classical and contemporary performers and provides a view of how the opera genre has evolved over time. From the grandeur of Italian and German opera to the intricacies of Russian and French compositions, this collection allows researchers the opportunity to explore a spectrum of cultural influences and artistic styles within in the opera genre.


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