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Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Volume V, Religion in Video

Explore the rich tapestry of contemporary global religions through the lens of video with Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Volume V, Religion in Video. Religious videos are an essential tool for education, instruction, worship, and outreach, allowing religious leaders to connect with a global audience in innovative and meaningful ways. This volume provides a unique platform to explore the nuances of religious beliefs and practices, showcase religious rituals and ceremonies, and appreciate the diverse cultural heritage of various religions. 


The collection of religious films and documentaries in this volume provide insights into the history, rituals, and practices of different religions, as well as the experiences of people who follow these faiths. Some titles explore the role of religion in society and its impact on individuals, while others delve into the spiritual journeys and transformations of individuals. These titles help viewers gain a deeper understanding of the social and political context surrounding practicing religion in the modern era. From navigating personal relationships to processing death, these videos highlight how different faith and belief systems have evolved during the twentieth century and intersect with daily life. This volume serves as an excellent platform to explore the nuances of religious beliefs and practices, showcase religious rituals and ceremonies, and allow viewers to appreciate the diverse cultural heritage of various religions. 

Central Themes:

Sacred Spaces, Worship, Art, Fashion in Religion, Pilgrimage, Contemporary Society, Loss, Inter-Faith Dialogue, and Festivals. 

Applications for Research, Teaching, and Learning

  • Analyze the influence of historical and cultural contexts on the construction and evolution of religious traditions. 
  • Examine how religious symbols, practices, and beliefs are transmitted and adapted in different religious communities. 
  • Investigate the intersections of religious practices with broader social and political trends. 
  • Explore the eschatological beliefs in different religious traditions and their impact on theology, religious practice, and social and political movements. 
  • Analyze the role of apocalyptic thinking in shaping religious worldviews and practices across different historical periods and cultural contexts. 
  • Investigate the ways in which urban environments shape religious practices and institutions. 
  • Examine how ethical principles are defined, prioritized, transmitted, and enforced in different religious communities. 
  • Conduct a comparative study of different religious traditions to identify similarities and differences in beliefs, practices, and cultural expressions. 

Highlighted Publishing Partners:

Chip Taylor Communications examines religious and spiritual experiences from different perspectives, including the role of prophecy, the relationship between religion and the environment, and the search for God.  
Illuminations TV delve into specific religions and aspects of their culture, including Islamic art and the construction of the Jameel Gallery.  
L'Harmattan titles explore religion and spirituality from a cultural and anthropological lens, encompassing topics such as Sikh identity and the role of women in religion. 
Orange Smarty focuses on personal experiences related to various stages of life, such as becoming a parent, settling down, and dealing with loss, from a spiritual and emotional perspective.

Featured Titles:

  • Fashioning Religion from Beliane - This video explores the relationship between fashion and religion, an important area of study that has not been extensively researched. The author analyzes how religious beliefs are expressed through clothing and accessories, and how fashion has been used as a means of asserting religious identity.
  • The Vision of the End from Chip Taylor Communications - This documentary examines the eschatological beliefs of various religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. It is significant because it provides insight into how different cultures view the end of the world and what they believe will happen after death. 
  • Introduction to Islamic Art from Illuminations TV - This documentary explores the art and architecture of Islamic civilization, highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the Muslim world. It is significant because it offers a unique perspective on Islamic culture, which is often misunderstood in the West. 
  • What Is Religion? from Utopic Documentaries - This documentary offers a comprehensive overview of the definition, history, and role of religion in society. It is significant because it provides a foundational understanding of the subject matter and is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the study of religion. 
  • Our Lady Of Kibeho from Prime Entertainment Group - This documentary explores the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Kibeho, Rwanda, and the impact they had on the local community.