Academic Video Online: Premium

Academic Video Online: Premium

Academic Video Online: Premium is the largest and most comprehensive video subscription available to libraries. It delivers more than 48,000 video titles spanning essential subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, history, music, film, and more. More than half of the titles can be found only at Alexander Street. The massive breadth of content in Academic Video Online: Premium makes it a useful resource for all types of patrons, giving libraries a high return on investment.

New benefits in 2016

Academic Video Online: Premium now includes the new “AVON-to-Own” feature, where subscribing libraries receive perpetual rights to videos they select at the end of each annual term. Libraries with subscriptions beginning January 1, 2016 are eligible. The number of videos per year is commensurate with the amount of the subscription, and libraries can utilize an entire year of usage data to support their selections. The longer a library subscribes, the more titles it can keep.

Subscribing libraries also receive the Video Commons media uploading and hosting service at no charge. Libraries can post an unlimited amount of locally-produced content, as well as licensed content, and make it visible to individual faculty members, the entire institution, or to anyone in the world. Librarians set permissions at the title level and can permanently link content to their catalogs.

With industry firsts like the new “AVON-to-Own” perpetual rights feature and the Video Commons media uploading and hosting service, Academic Video Online: Premium is an unbeatable value.

Top partnerships

The collection represents content from over 1,500 leading distributors, producers, and filmmakers. Some of the top names include: 

  • 60 MINUTES / CBS
  • PBS
  • BBC
  • NBC
  • Intelecom
  • Insight Media
  • Microtraining
  • Filmakers Library
  • Envision, Inc.
  • Stanley Milgram
  • Dallas Telecourses
  • Davidson Films
  • VEA 
  • Bloomberg
  • The Open University 
  • Annenberg Learner
  • Broadway Theatre Archive

Major exclusive partnerships include Insight Media and Microtraining Associates. In addition, we provide thousands of titles from producers like the BBC and Danish Radio that are unique to Alexander Street. 

Breadth of content

Academic Video Online: Premium includes every kind of video material available with curricular relevance: documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs and newsreels, field recordings, commercials, and raw footage. Patrons will find thousands of award-winning films, including Academy®, Emmy®, and Peabody® winners. Academic institutions will find the most frequently used films for classroom instruction, plus newly released films and previously unavailable archival material.


Subject strengths

Academic Video Online: Premium covers all disciplines and subject areas, with specific strengths in:

  • Science
  • Anthropology 
  • Counseling & Therapy 
  • Fashion
  • Business & Economics
  • Nursing
  • Diversity Studies
  • Education
  • Documentary Film
  • Feature Film
  • Allied Health
  • Engineering
  • History
  • Music & Dance
  • News & Current Events
  • Theater & Drama
  • Criminal Justice
  • and more!

For each of these subject areas, we offer:

  • The most titles. This database includes substantially more content than any other resource available. Topics are covered in more depth, and editors cover every aspect of the field.
  • The best titles. Exclusive titles and series are included like Meet the Press, The Videofashion Library, The March of Time Newsreel Series, Obedience (Milgram), and the full set of Microtraining titles. Additionally, we have thousands of curricular titles produced specifically for the education market to be used in instruction.
  • Departmental landing pages and subject functionality. Each subject has a unique URL that allows departments to conduct searches specific to their fields. Plus, users can search and browse with subject-specific indexing. For example, users can browse titles by ethnic group in anthropology or by performer in dance.

Learning and search tools

In addition to the breadth and depth of content, Academic Video Online: Premium offers a wide range of platform tools for learning, research, and teaching, including:

  • Learning segments. More than 14,000 learning segments make it easy for instructors to find and integrate specific video content into the classroom and help users get to the right content faster. Each segment is fully searchable and includes an abstract, making user selection even easier.
  • Transcripts. Users view searchable, scrolling transcripts alongside more than 95% of titles.
  • Clipping functionality. Users can easily create, annotate, and share video clips and playlists, and can embed them in third-party sites.
  • Permanent URLs. All videos, clips, and playlists can be cited at permanent URLs, making integration with any learning management system easy.
  • HD-quality player. A video player with a 16:9 aspect ratio that streams up to 2.5 mbps allows for optimized high-definition viewing.
  • Comprehensive permissions. Our platform enables in-class, on-campus, and remote viewing.

Library tools

Academic Video Online: Premium contains a full suite of library tools including:


We work with all major discovery services

Multi-language interface

In-depth indexing and free MARC records


COUNTER-4 compliant usage stats



Video advisory board

Meet the video advisory board that contributes its expertise to the development of our high quality video collections.

On-demand webinar

Watch a webinar entitled, "Subscription-to-Own Vs. PDA: A Closer Look at New Acquisition Video Models in 2016" featuring Academic Video Online: Premium

Product information

Academic Video Online: Premium is available by subscription to libraries worldwide.  All customers receive a subscription to the Video Commons free.


Academic Video Online: Premium provides a vast database of film and video clips from documentary, newsreel, entertainment, and television sources. The range of material is broad and deep... The thematic range and temporal span make the collection relevant to many disciplines, courses, and student levels.

Joseph E. Taylor, III, Dept. of History, Simon Fraser University American Reference Books Annual (ARBA)

Looking for individual titles requested by faculty takes time and is often unsuccessful. We needed a comprehensive video resource that we could market to the whole university.

Victoria Koger, Collection Management Librarian, Eastern Kentucky University